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  1. Kitchen Remodel And New Table

    We added four windows and a built in computer desk. This was a pretty bland area before, with no outside light. We trimed all of the kitchen windows, desk and new table built with hickory. The hickory I bought had quite alot of color. It was the first time working with hickory, it is great wood...
  2. Window shelf and Trim

    This was a project that I completed for a friend on almost a dare. This project was completed from only construction spruce lumber. Let me know what you think.
  3. Table for deck

    The wife wanted a nice table for our covered deck. The legs and apron are maple, started out to be natural, but ended up sprayed with white enamel. The top is some cherry that was rejected for indoor projects.
  4. Wood working for my entryway

    ok so I am not really sure if this belongs on lumberjocks or not. It involves wood and woodworking, but really pertains more to my efforts to restore my old home. So It is of my old entryway in my 125 yr old home. This is of the entryway in our house. So our home is over 100yrs old and the...
  5. Tall Window Trim

    Basically we have a builder's grade house. So I had the second picture window installed, and designed and installed the moulding. Being 17 feet up in the air with a nail gun that felt like it was 20 pounds and trim was NOT fun, to say the least. Next time, I think I'll pay someone to do this.
  6. Craftsman Window Trim

    Here is the craftsman trim I installed in our kitchen. I kiln dried and milled the rift sawn white oak for this project, and it is always a pleasure to have straight, square stock. The pediment features a radiused fillet, and a two-piece chamfered cap. There are four different stock...
  7. Blogs
    Oak Stairs What a week for new experiences and big projects. While my nights were spent toiling on the Thorsen Table… and trying new things, the day job had me wrapping my mind around several new things as well. The last basement dad and I refinished (sub contracting for Owens Corning)...
  8. Blogs
    Getting Started - Demo and Framing This is the first in a series of posts. I intended to post as I went but the work was HARD and it was often all I could do to get the work on the shop done. Documenting? Sure, later… So now the shop is mostly done (haha) so I'll try to document how I got...
  9. Finishing
    I recently had new windows installed and the carpenter used both fir and hemlock for different parts of the trim. The apron is hemlock, the sill and header are fir and the frieze is hemlock. Should i ask that he keep all the wood the same or is this a normal practice now days?
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    In a recent thread, I asked about milling trim for base boards, windows and doors. So, now I've found another issue: The windows are very deep and their wooden frames protrude past the drywall roughly 1/2". The old trim had a more rustic look than we're going for now: the original trim was...
1-10 of 10 Results