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  1. Butternut Box

    The story I saw an add in local newspaper for wood in a barn since early 80,s. Had to go look. Was so dark in there could hardly see it. Guy said it was maybe walnut or butternut. Bought several pieces anyway. I had not seen butternut or white walnut as I was told. Looked on line and saw pics of...
  2. Nakashima Inspired Live Edge Coffee Table

    Butternut slab. Cut 1/3 off of the end for proper length and added angle to straight edges. I used the Offerman router planing jig as outlined in Fine Woodworking Issue #222 It worked out perfectly! I then filled all of the cracks with epoxy as well as had to add the signature bowtie inlay...
  3. Black n White Walnut

    I was at an Amish sawmill buying some oak boards for another project when I came across some interesting looking cut offs and slabs. I asked him what they were and he told me Butternut. I talked him into selling me one and I've had it drying in my garage for almost a year. Since Butternut is...
1-3 of 3 Results