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  1. co7&8 Carved spindles

    I had to make the head larger due to excessive barking and to support the carved swirls. I wonder if I can get it more in balance with the rest of the spindle next time I am able to turn a spindle. It spins well, but it is taking longer for me to like the look of the 'big head' The same time it...
  2. 4th c.o. Nostepinne w/ wpi gauge

    White pear 1.2oz/35g 9.75" Nostepinne with WPI gauge The length of White Pear was a bit of a bear, due to the checking covering one side of the blank. After removing the checking there was a bit of an odd shape left over. but after a little thought a nostepinne was the perfect solution. The...
  3. Flintstone Fashion (Out of the wood3)

    FLINTSTONE FASHION (Out of the wood3) 1050L x 590D x 970H A Cocktail cabinet in White Pear, Poplar and Kiaat with Ironwood hinges. In this piece I attempted to present furniture as functional sculpture. The cabinet evolved from the legs; some curved cants of Poplar that stared at me from a...
1-3 of 3 Results