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  1. Dresser/Baby Changing Table

    I made this piece of furniture for my first kid about 3.5 years ago. We're currently using it for our Daughter, who's now 5 months old. It's made out of white birch and the drawers are soft maple.
  2. White birch bedroom set natural finish

    Used latex varnish with foam brush 5 coats everywhere except top 7 coats , 1st is white birch I always wanted to see what white birch would look like once finish. 2nd is made of hard maple with the same finish. My wish for 2011 is that my hands get better and that I can make lots more woodworking.
  3. My First Project - TV Stand

    This project is responsible for my introduction into woodworking. My wife saw a TV stand/entertainment center in a Pottery Barn magazine that she liked, problem was, it cost around $1000. It was a pretty simple design, and my wife liked the dark color. I have a few friends that are...
  4. Endgrain-Board

    This project did take a few weeks to complete, but it was all worth it. The material is a combonation of walnut and white birch. You may not be able to tell that I used white birch, but it gave it a nice color after the stain. I really like this cutting board and I hope you do too! I stained it...
  5. Green Boys Paddles

    So excited to have completed these canoe paddles! I made these with maple, walnut, western red cedar, white birch, and coastal redwood (sourced from an older gentleman that had been holding onto it since the late 1960's!). These double bent-shaft paddles are gifts for my 6 and 3 year old boys...
  6. Hat Making Tool: Foot Tolliker in Elk Antler and Birch Wood on a Walnut Display Stand

    ------------------------------------------ This one-of-a-kind Collector's, Elk Antler & Birch Tolliker/Display Stand now lives on a shelf in the Spradley Hats shop in Alpine, Texas USA. ------------------------------------------ Purchasing: Right Hand Maple Foot Tolliker Left Hand Maple...
  7. Viking Ale bowl made from green Birch and eating spoon

    This bowl and spoon set I am proud of! Both items are made from white birch. They are finished off with the small gouge real sharp and left to dry, then oil! No sanding. The spoon is just finished with the knife and is glass smooth and ready to be used everyday! They are very uniform in...
  8. Wedding

    I did this carving from pictures I took on a holiday we had with our kids. Also on this holiday,we met for the first time my daughters husband to be.I did this as a wedding gift to them. They just got married in Florida in Sept.Done in 2" thick white birch.
1-9 of 9 Results