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  1. airplane/whriligig

    scale model of waco biplane, prop spins & it pivots on a steel shaft (not shown) as a weather vane.
  2. Whirligig - Country Railroading

    [Legebla ankaŭ en Esperanto] This is my entry for the 2014 Whirligig Wars. A man tries to push a cow off the track, but he only manages to push its hind end up. Meanwhile an engine waits for the track to be cleared. This was a bit of a problem in these parts over a hundred years ago. The...
  3. 2014 Whirligig

    This was my entry for whirligig wars, just catching up on some LJ posting. I don't do a lot of woodworking in the summer, but I loved this idea and the contest was a lot of fun. The project itself was a lot of stack cutting on the bandsaw, some scrollsawing, and a good bit of bending metal...
  4. "Black Knight" WWI Whirligig

    This is one of the first WWI Whirligigs I made about two years ago. It is modeled after a German tri-plane, the Fokker, which is often linked with the famous Manfred von Richthofen, better known as The Red Baron. It earned a reputation as one of the best "dogfighters". ------------ My love of...
  5. 1915 Spad- Camoflage

    This whirligig is modeled after a French WWI plane produced by Societe Pour L'Aviation et ses Derives or SPAD. Renowned as a sturdy and rugged aircraft. Flown by the American ace, Eddie Rickenbacker. ------------ My love of building WWI whirligigs all started when my wife and I moved to...
  6. Fokker Tri-plane

    The famous German tri-plane often linked with the famous Manfred Von Richthofen, The Red Baron. This one I like to leave with a natural wood finish. ------------ My love of building WWI whirligigs all started when my wife and I moved to Tehachapi Ca and noticed right away that there is almost...
  7. Spitfire Whirligig

    This model Spitfire marked my expansion into building WWII whirligigs. The Spitfire was Britain's premier fighter aircraft. Using this plane the RAF saved the United Kingdom from coming under Hitler's rule. It was the pilot's of this airplane that gave rise to Winston Churchill's famous quote...
  8. Whac-A-Woodworker Whirligig

    I made this Whac-A-Woodworker Whirligig for the Whirligig Wars 2014 contest hosted by Laney Shaughnessy and Steve Ramsey. It's based on the Whac-A-Mole arcade game. It has 5 propellers that turn independently in the wind, which makes the woodworkers pop up randomly. It thought it would be...
  9. Albatross D VA

    My latest whirligig, the "Dragon Slayer", formed the bulk of the German air force. Two-thirds of the Baron Von Ricthofin's (AKA The Red Baron) 80 kills were in the Albatross.
  10. Silver Nieuport 17C

    This French fighter was one of the aircraft that ended the Fokker scourge in 1916. Also flown by an American squadron the Lafaette Escadrille featured in the movie, "The Flyboys". -
  11. Christmas Whirligig

    Getting a chance to knock out some shop projects that were languishing. I have built one years ago when our kids were small. That's also in the picture. Fun project to have at Christmas time. Just spin it and it goes and goes. No batteries and the small ones will play with it for a long...
  12. My entry into Whirligig Wars 2019 challenge

    I made an 8 minute video describing my whirligig entry into Whirligig War 2019 challenge. Hope you enjoy. Link is
  13. Pipe Table

    I needed a quick and easy table that could be taken apart and easily stored as we will be moving back overseas again in February. Decided to make this pipe table. Super easy, super fast and will take completely apart. Not my finest work, but it fit the bill and was a fun project.
  14. Zombies Crawling Out Of The Ground Whirligig

    This is My First Whirligig "Zombies Crawling Out Of The Ground Whirligig" I made for a contest entry hosted by A Simple Design of Ocala Inc. and Woodworking for Mere Mortals.
  15. Elvis Whirligig

    This is my entry for the 2013 Whirligig Wars contest held by Laney Shaughnessy and Steve Ramsey. I challenged myself this year to make a character with all arms and legs animated. Elvis is made from solid aspen, and the tail and propeller are made from birch plywood. I printed the face and...
  16. "Band of the Whirligigs" Whirligig Wars 2013 Entry

    This is my entry into the 2013 Whirligig Wars competition hosted by Laney Shaughnessy (ASDO) and Steve Ramsey (WWMM). All mostly made from Pine because thats the wood I had and some Australian Jarrah as well. Painted with acrylic paint. This is my first whirligig and I faced many problems such...
  17. Biplane whirligig

    The pilot bobs up and down as the propeller blades spin this project was made from pine apart from the propeller blades which were made from plywood and the propeller hub from oak
  18. Frog on a bike whirligig

    Frog on a bike whirligig
  19. Fiddler Whirligig

    [Legebla ankaŭ en Esperanto] Back about the time that we moved into our house, I got the idea that I wanted to build a whirligig of a fiddler. At the time I had been taking violin lessons and the idea of a fiddle playing whirligig appealed to me. This is before I had any real tools for doing...
  20. Octopus Whirligig

    Since I'm in the middle of some downtime, it seemed like a good opportunity to clean up and organize some files. I was delighted to find a picture of my octopus whirligig, and some video clips that I shot with my ancient Sony Mavica. The camera recorded to a 1.4MB floppy. Remember those? So I...
1-20 of 49 Results