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  1. Raccoon Trouble

    A pack of scruffy dogs wait for a raccoon to finish raiding a garbage can. Manzanita burl base, basswood and birch figures, glass and brass "lamp", madrone tree
  2. Ball in Cage Carving

    This is a classic whimsy among woodcarvers & whittlers - 2" square x 5-1/2" butternut. This one has some added embellishments of spirals and chip carving.
  3. *WIDA Mystery Riddle & Challenge

    This project project takes the form of a riddle and a challenge. 15" diameter plywood disc with bentwood edging. Varnish finish. I save interesting bits and pieces & cut offs from various projects. Not just any piece though, it has to be interesting in its own right. The bits are saved in...
  4. It's not all jigs and cutting boards in my shop!

    I've been plugging away on some pretty serious projects, including my "guitchair" restoration ( and some bookshelves, jigs and fixtures. All that serious work gives me a headache. It also makes a lot of nice pieces of scrap. I saw something like...
  5. My First Fine Furniture Table

    I've always enjoyed designing furniture… I LOVE the whole design process, from gathering inspiration to bringing a concept to fruition! Before this week though, I had only been able to doodle my designs since I didn't have the joinery know-how to build my wooden creations. Thanks to my time at...
  6. Moon Car

    This is a little (7" tall) wooden car. The moon is manzanita burl. The moon man is sugar maple. A unique glass bead hangs like a lantern on a brass rod.
  7. Boat Boys

    Manzanita burl, about 12" tall, based on Wynken, Blynken, and Nod poem. This wood is kind of brittle and hard to carve but it really shines up nice with just a little oil and bee's wax.
  8. Crow and Jar

    From Aesop's fables. A crow fills a jar with pebbles in order to raise the water level so he may drink. It is meant to show the value of hard work. The base is manzanita burl, the crow is sugar pine and the jar is turned mahogany. The little tree is driftwood from the beach. Some pretty...
  9. Trained Animals

    This Little toy train is more for "looking at" than "playing with". It is made from a few different exotic wood scraps, bone, brass,copper, and gold. Each car is about 5" long.
  10. Three Bears

    When the knob is turned the bears spin around as if they are happily dancing. This is what bears do when waiting for their porridge to cool down. Manzanita burl base.various hardwood scraps, agate. Maple and cherry gears.
  11. Wood & Lumber
    I have a fairly large amount of roughsawn oak (white and red) boards for sale ($2/bf). I'm in central New Jersey. Let me know ASAP if you are interested.
  12. Finishing
    Hi all, I am currently doing some large batches of wood that I have run through a tumbler. It's all really small - think earrings, necklaces, that kind of stuff. Right now I am finishing them by laying them flat, spraying with lacquer, waiting, turning them, lacquer, etc. This is rather time...
1-12 of 12 Results