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  1. Pipe

    Pipe… walnut and hickory. Gotta do somethin with cutoffs
  2. Steamed Cherry Display Stand

    I just completed the steamed cherry dislay stand that I have been building for some friends in Central Oregon. I will be delivered tomorrow. It was a fun project.
  3. Focus on the Workspace
    After a comment on my bench about a bench off, I thought its a great idea. There all the threads about planes, braces, powertools of your dreams, etc. How about it on benches. Pic of your bench or one you are going to buy or build and Why its best. The topic should provide some info for the...
  4. Blogs
    A Scrimshaw Art Journey: What it is & How to Do it; Five Simple Steps to Success A Scrimshaw Art Journey: A Lumberjock's "Short Version" of the Techniques for Decorating a Powder Horn by: Mark A. DeCou (This writing, photos, and artwork are protected by copyright by M.A...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    ================================== 2-21-2012 UPDATE: This short Lumberjock's Forum Topic article was updated and expanded suitable for printing in the "The Maine Journal of Antiques & Collectibles". For a reprint of the better, and expanded article, contact: Bob Stover, Publisher The Maine...
1-5 of 5 Results