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  1. PM Adirondack

    These are Adirondack chairs taken from Popular Mechanics that I made from Western Red Cedar. I made these for my brother's family for Christmas this past year. There are 2 full size chairs for 2 adults, 2 at 75% scale for 2 Tweens, and 2 50% scale for a 1 and 3 year old. I finished them with...
  2. Saloon Bird Feeder

    I made this saloon-style bird feeder from two 6-foot fence boards that were 5.5" wide. I read that pressure-treated boards might be harmful to our feathered friends, so I used untreated boards. It has three bar stools and wooden bottles on the bar. The top has a hinge so you can open it to...
  3. Hat Making Tool: Rounding Jack Brim Cutter, w/Laser Engraving for Inaaya Hat Co., London, England

    This Walnut Rounding Jack has been (SOLD) and is headed to London, England. Rounding Jack Serial Number #2008-10 Cutting Capacity: 1.25" - 8" Cutting Path: Clockwise Materials: Walnut, Brass, & Abalone Shell If you are looking for a Rounding Jack, email me for more information at...
  4. Hat Making Tool: Rounding Jack, w/Laser Engraving for The Penman Hat Co.

    This Maple Rounding Jack has been (SOLD). Rounding Jack Serial Number #2008-09 Cutting Capacity: 1.25" - 8" Cutting Path: Clockwise Materials: Maple, Walnut, Brass, & Abalone Shell If you are looking for a Rounding Jack, email me for more information at: [email protected]
  5. John Wayne

    John Wayne is always a good picture, most everyone knows who he is. This is a good pattern. The frame is made of barn wood, the portrait is made of Baltic Birch and finished with a light coat of spray poly. This pattern came from Gary Brownings new web site...
  6. Custom Steak Knives: Stainless Steel Damascus Blades; Elk Antler, Scrimshaw, Rustic Display Box

    This set of Steak Knives was a commissioned project, so it has been sold. If you would like something similar, please email me at: [email protected] Here are other Knife Sets I've built: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Other Knives? I have Hunting...
  7. Ranch Rustic Antique Shotgun Wall Rack Display Osage Orange Fence Post Bull Hide Kansas Flint Hills

    Wall Mounted Display Rack for an Antique Double Barreled 12 Gauge Shotgun, using antique Osage Orange Fence Posts from a Chase County Kansas Flint Hills Tall Grass Prairie Cattle Ranch. ------------------- Project Story This project was a commission to build a wall display rack for an antique...
  8. Mountain table

    This Mountain table is made from just two kinds of wood. The round top and round base is made from wormy maple. The color in the two is just amazing. The pedestal is a old old juniper log. The color when I started was just about white so I put a dark stain to make it pop. This table turned out...
  9. Intarsia Mule, I Still Don’t know why I Made This?

    First of all I really still don't know why I made this piece??? For my birthday my wife gave me a gift certificate to use, but on a few conditions. I could only use it for a piece that was not for sale, or for a gift, and only for my enjoyment to make. Her conditions came from the fact I told...
  10. Western Cross

    I made this piece for my wife. I picked ash, bloodwood, and mesquite. I picked the ash and mesquite because the grains in the wood add so much character to the piece. I picked the bloodwood because of its rich color. I decided to layer the crosses and star instead of doing a flat piece to give...
  11. Hat Making Tool: Half Circle Groove Curling Shackles, Pencil Curl & Kettle Curl 2-Piece Wooden Tools

    I have several different sized Wooden "Half-Circle Groove" Curling Shackles available now. The common nomenclature for the type of hat curl someone wants is pretty hard to describe with the common names, such as "Pencil Curl" and "Kettle Curl". To help distinguish between the size of curlers I...
  12. Hat Making Tool: Groove Tollikers, Wooden Pencil & Kettle Curl, and an Overwelt Edge Shaper

    These pictures show Groove Tollikers I've made, used to put curves on the edges of hat brims. ---------------------------------- Sizes Available: Model VGOGT6 - 1/4" (6 mm) Vee Groove "Welt Edge" Folding Groove Tolliker Model DGT6 - 1/4" (6 mm) dia. Double Grooved Pencil Curl Groove...
  13. Western coat rack

    I put together a coat rack for a friend. I used pine boards with oak dowels for the corners and bead board to mount horseshoes to. I finished it off with two coats of stain and a coat of clear gloss finish. I etched the lettering into the mirror and welded up some horseshoes to complete it.
  14. cedar sign

    I made this sign with some cedar fence boards and used vinyl letting for it. I burnt the wood and clear coated it. Pretty simple but I like it.
  15. Saddle stand

    I put this saddle rack together for my dad. It is pine I put it together with pocket hole screws. I finished it off by burning it and putting three coats of amber shellac on it.
  16. Western cooler box

    Here is another cooler box I just finished for a friend. It is all cedar material with pocket hole construction. I used a 52 quart cooler for the inside. It is finished off with two coats of urethane. Has a drain valve as well as a bottle opener.
  17. Knarly Shepherd's Hiking or Walking Stick, Locust Sapling Staff, Cedar Drift Wood Natural Sculpture

    This Hiking Stick has been sold To see Others, visit my store -------------------------- Serial Number: #2010-12 Height: 56-1/2 inches Top: Cedar Limb Shaft: Natural Ash Tree Sapling with bark Finish: Danish Oil, and Nitrocellulose Lacquer -------------------------- Project Story...
  18. Cedar cooler box

    I finished another cooler box for a friend. It is cedar construction put together with pocket holes. I put their brand on the top and finished it with three coats of urethane. I like the way it brings out the differences in the grain and colors of the cedar.

1-20 of 155 Results