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  1. Projects handrail where there was none now a beauty

    Hey Lumberjocks. Just wanted to post my latest project. Walnut and Paduck handrail. The horizontal slats are 3/16 metals flat stock. Custom made the posts out of walnut from Barrington hardwoods, anchoring was the challenge as I did not want any movement of the post once completed. I did all the...
  2. 350lb of Dining Room Table - Legacy Build

    Hi folks, first post here. Looks like my kind of place. :) This project took nearly 2 years for me to build (because…. reasons) but was completed last week and has already been the focal point of a lot of family and guest meals. From bottom to top: 3D printed feet to protect the flooring...
  3. Spiderman wall hanging

    Here is a Spiderman wall hanging I made for my grandson Kaiden. The blue backer is plywood, the red wire is brazed together & the spider is hard maple. Diameter is about 20 inch. Thanks for looking
  4. Gimbal Table

    First off I can say this is really not your ordinary table, very much a strange one of a kind!!! Originally I had the idea to hold the wood in place by piercing it with metal rods to use as a base, I was able to do some fun drilling directly thru a knot on one side and came out on the other side...
  5. Blogs
    The center of my shop renovation - from the ground up.. The mobile workstation is in my opinion going to be the center of my workshop once its built. An integrated router table, table saw, downdraft table and ample storage in a ~ 5' x 2' area on wheels! Certainly not my idea, however, the...
1-5 of 5 Results