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  1. Bagel Cutter

    I made this bagel cutter one weekend from walnut and alder… just for fun. Watch the video it will give you all the details.
  2. Scarf Rack

    A little side project for my wife. She hand makes these "infinity chain" scarves and sells them on etsy. Her inventory was all over the place, so she wanted me to build a rack to hold them on. This is what I came up with, simple, but decent looking. I have a ton of cedar, so I used a chunk...
  3. wood table and chair set for child just starting to walk and learning to sit.

    My nephew needed a table and chair set to sit at as he is starting to walk using furniture to get around to keep his balance. The chairs are at the right height for a 8 month boy to start out with. he has a brother on the way so that is why I made two chairs. These were my own design. I looked...
  4. Gatling Rubber Band Machine Gun

    I made this fun rubber band gun in a weekend and made a video of the build along with an instructable ( with step by step instructions and free printable templates so others could make this fun project too. I had...
  5. Traditional Oilstone Holder

    I decided to make a traditional holder for my Norton medium India stone (8"x2"x1") after watching Bill Carter talking about oilstones on YouTube. After searching the internet for other examples, I merged all the elements that I liked into my design. It features a pitched roof, opposing chamfers...
  6. Grill Cart

    My father in law wanted a way to move his grill around, (I should mention that he machined it out of semi-trailer brake drums) The clamps are the wheel glue ups I cut out on the table saw Had to lower the handle a little for him he is kind of short…. LOL
  7. Wahoo game boards out of walnut!

    This is a very easy weekend project that I always revisit because wahoo is a long standing tradition in my family and everyone always wants one. I made a YouTube video on this project if anyone is interested.
  8. Sunglasses Holder

    Quick little weekend project (i.e. took about 10 minutes to make). Holder for sunglasses that my wife saw online. Love finding cheap easy and easy ways to reproduce items.
  9. Soap Curing Rack

    This past weekend's project was to make a soap curing rack for my wife's soap making hobby. The top and bottom shelves are glued in and hold the structure together, but the other four are removable to allow access and reconfiguration as required. The shelves are made from pegboard to help...
  10. Shallow Relief Carvings, Autumn Mushrooms

    Having been in the woods picking mushrooms, I was inspired to make these simple shallow relief carvings. Here is a simple project anyone can do, all you need is some square scraps, I used black alder and a couple of carving tools. I initially sketched the image on the blocks with a pencil and...
  11. Blogs
    Fun outside game for the family Not exactly woodworking, but someone could make it a wood project. Even though it is cold and snowy out, Spring is around the corner :) (Yes, I try to be an optimist sometimes). I am sure quite a few of you heard of this but, until last summer, I never heard of...
  12. Blogs
    Cope & Stick Since I did a video how to fit inset doors, I thought maybe I should take a step backwards and show how to make a simple cope and stick cabinet door. Hope you enjoy the video, especially the ending.:-)
  13. Blogs
    Simple Spring time project - Plant Trolley Hey everyone, I am introducing my new Youtube channel called the A.S.D. Rundown! This channel is in association with my main main channel, but will be specific to doing project follow ups,simple shop projects as well as some simple shop tips, general...
  14. Blogs
    Simple Cherry Picture Frame (Half Lap Joinery) Here is a video of another easy project for when I only have a couple hours to spend in the shop. I made this frame to fit an eight by ten photo but you could easily scale it up or down to fit your needs...
  15. Blogs
    DIY Kitchen Table Makeover Check out the video on how I did a DIY makeover of an outdated kitchen table.
  16. Blogs
    DIY Wine Display Great project to give away as gifts or to sell at craft fairs. Made from (1) 4ft 1×6 and a 1/4 inch dowel.
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm finely to the point, where I am sick and tired of having to resquare my table to the blade and not knowing if my cuts are truely 45s. The marker on the turn table is about a 1/6" or better off from the factory mark of 0 according to my square. My dad is wanting to build bird houses and I'm...
1-17 of 17 Results