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  1. Wedding cake top

    Hello All! This is part of my "Blast from My not so Distant Past!" series found on my blog: Also featured on lumberjocks. Enjoy! My wedding cake table! This is one of my earliest creations using my newly bought...
  2. Woodcarving
    How do I do this? Was given a fruitwood (plum) burl stump (2' x 3', 160lbs.) The tree was dead two years before being felled recently. Was told by a sawyer that the wood is still technically green. Was thinking of trimming off the smaller roots and bark with a chainsaw to create more of a...
  3. Blogs
    Wedding Cake Table Hello All, Well I did some inventory of my pallet stock and I need more pallets to begin my entertainment center project So I have to wait till I can re-assess my inventory after my next pallet...
1-3 of 3 Results