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  1. Wooden Finger

    Broke my finger and have to wear a splint for 4-6 weeks. Quickly tired of the clunky metal splint digging into my palm and bumping the "enter" key on my keyboard all day. So a scrap of cherry and an enjoyable hour in the shop made a big improvement. Does a wooden finger qualify me for Pirate...
  2. Bentwood Inlay Rings

    Here are some more bentwood rings I made recently, featuring inlays. The first is Walnut with crushed turquoise, the second and third are Maple-lined Walnut with Maple inlay.
  3. Wearable bentwood ring - Oak

    This wooden ring began with a thin strips of oak that was steamed and bent into a circle, so that the grain runs around the circumference of the ring. The piece was glued with a waterproof poly adhesive, and the stip ends were fine sanded, to conceal the seam as much as possible. The result...
  4. Birch Lined Bamboo Ring

    This ring is made from a drilled and shaped piece of bamboo, and lined on the inside with birch. The birch is for looks and comfort, but primarily to lend greater structural durability to the ring. The bamboo came from an inexpensive napkin holder purchased from Wal-Mart, specifically to be...
  5. More Bentwood Rings

    #1: Santos Rosewood with "X" Maple Inlay (Inlay work done, appropriately, with X-Acto knife :) ) #2: Ancient Kauri (Wood that has been preserved for quite a while in a peat bog on New Zealand's North Island.) #3: Pecan #4: Madrone with Oak Inlay (Wedding Pair) #5: Wenge (Wedding Pair) #6...
  6. Bentwood Ring - Rosewood and Birch

    This is a wearable wooden ring made in the "bentwood" fashion. No powertools are required in the process. It involves carefully bending strips of wood into a sharp circle. The resulting ring is very durable - even moreso than the layered / cut-out rings. The inside layer or lining is made of...
  7. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Today as I was finishing a job. I fired up the dust collector, plugged in the sander, and started finish sanding….. Only problem: durning the one hour of sanding I never realized that I never plugged in the dust collector hose to the orbital sander….:(
  8. Blogs
    Handcrafted Wooden Rings I received a couple of comments with regards to how I build the wooden rings in my gallery, so I thought this would be a good place to share a bit about my process. This will not be the best-worded blog entry. I'll just kinda let my mind spill… My very first rings...
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I am looking at getting a new car and thinking about buying the WeatherTech floor liners. They look like they would do a really good job of keeping the snow and water off the floor. I would like to hear from anyone who has actual experience with them and how they like them.
1-9 of 9 Results