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  1. Central African Wenge Ring with Fine Brass Inlay

    Latest addition to the prototypes. Steamed and Bent Wenge - shaped and polished with 9 step micro-mesh. Using Behlen Wood turner's finish and Behlen topcoat for these.
  2. White Birdseye Maple Bangle with Stainless Steel Core

    Another of the prototype designs. making these to order for folks. Steamed and bent pale birdseye maple mounted on a stainless steel bangle core. This wood is figured nicely for birdseye. hard to see in the photos. Excellent white-on-white effect.
  3. Nice Amber Silky Lacewood - Made a ring with it

    Same ole steam and bend process using CA as binder and stabilizer. Sanding then micro-mesh. Exterior is finished with Behlen Wood Turner finish and Behlen topcoat. Beeswax polish.
1-3 of 3 Results