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  1. latest turnings

    these are a few turnings that I have compleated recently they are redwood burl with african blackwood ambrosia maple with walnut and spalted sycamore with purple heart thanks for looking Dave
  2. Mallet

    Hi this was my very first wood working project . It is a wood mallet . I copied a design I found on u tube by Steve Ramsey. The head is three pieces of wood glued together with two holes drilled to add lead weights. It is surprisingly heavy. I have been trying my hand at wood working now for a...
  3. Cocobolo Pen

    Thanks to WayneC and his great blog series. His information motivated me to get tooled up for pen turning. Using his instructions and with some private message coaching, I was able to come up with this cocobolo pen. This is the first pen that I've turned, so it's a basic slimline. It was...
  4. 3 Wooden Spoons

    These were hand carved from basswood using a knife and gouges. They are finished in a food safe mineral oil, beeswax and carnabua wax butcher block finish. These are headed to my college-age daughter for day to day use. The intent of these spoons was to learn how to carve the bowls. They...
  5. Hand Tools
    I just saw that Veritas has added a new #3 sized bevel up plane. Anyone tried one out yet?,41182,52515
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    There is no way I could justify a 3rd lathe or I would be after this one… Be sure to click the ad. The manufacture and retailer tags are worth looking at.
  7. Hand Tools
    They are announcing the new kits at the Woodworking in America show…
  8. Blogs
    We've Moved It's official, the tour has become a blog entry. More Jocks, more shops, more celebrity visitors. Coffee still allowed. More to come. Ms. Debbie P: The Star of the tour, humble despite all that fame has brought her and keen as mustard for the road. Cast: You- More than a...
  9. Blogs
    Getting Rolling I had been thinking about playing with carving for a while. I did some exploring in a forum post and decided it would be better to continue the discussion in a blog format. This way I can track my progress. The original post that got this started is located here. There is lots...
  10. Blogs
    Turning a Pen Hi Folks, WayneC posted a great blog entry on Turning a Pen with outstanding instruction and resources. Using Wayne's blog and resources, I started turning a few pens and have found a lot of enjoyment in a quick little project in the shop. I have limited shop time and while I...
1-10 of 10 Results