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  1. Sedona AZ. Healing Hand in Hickory

    10"x12"x2" Healing Hand with Metaphysical powers! The text has been burnt instead of the stained hand. The vortex in the hand and background are only waxed. Sorry I didn't post more descriptive photos to give the full demensional look. Thanks for watching
  2. Mortising Jig for Router

    I designed and built this mortising jig to cut mortises for bed hardware. The jig works fine. easy to set up, easy to adjust. I posted this blog when I was working on the jig and I am greatful for the suggestions made by people from this forum. Phil
  3. Finishing
    I've reached the worst part of every project for me: finishing it. So I keep hearing about how nice a wax looks on furniture so I decided to give it a shot on a walnut shaker table I made. I finished it with two coats of a Minwax/poly mix sanded with 000 steel wool between each application...
  4. Blogs
    Beall System, Versatile. I got a Beall system a few years ago. I started with the 3 circular pads. I liked it so much I also got the 3 polishing balls to do inside bowls. I also got an old motor for $2.00 at a garage sale so I could have a dedicated polishing setup. The motor is plugged in to...
1-4 of 4 Results