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  1. Teak Wine Caddy

    OK, after a 20 year break it was time to get back into woodworking again. This was adapted from a pattern from DIY Network. I increased the storage to 9 bottles, 6 just didn't seem to be enough for those serious parties. It is solid teak with a teak latticework back and teak rope doweling, no...
  2. Intarsia Dragon Head

    This is another dragon I made for an event coming up, so sorry except for a few Christmas gifts your going to see some more dragons until spring. No I don't spend most of my time in my parents basement playing roll playing board games (no offense if you do), but I do enjoy making dragons...
  3. Finishing
    Hi All, I just finished a blanket chest project made from Sapele. I used Watco Danish Oil to finish it and after 72 hours I applied a Minwax wax paste. I am extremely disappointed in the wax results (I must have done something wrong in the application) as there are very definite differences...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hey LJs, I have recently pruchased a beautiful piece of Pink Ivory with a nice natural edge. Does anyone have any tips or techniques they use to remove the heavy wax from a live edge?
  5. Finishing
    I built a harvest table for my wonderful wife and finished it with one coat of teak oil first, then finishing wax. I am completely unsatisfied with the wax. Several problems came up with this wax. There are numerous water marks, as one might imagine, and mostly, I can see some swirl marks...
  6. Finishing
    I have a set of walnut living room cabinets. They are solid walnut, and veneered walnut ply construction. They were stored, while masons finished a fireplace. For protection the builder threw a large brown canvas tarp over the units. They were uncovered today, and have some type of oily...
1-6 of 6 Results