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  1. Raffle Boards

    So the story goes like this…. My daughter brings home 7 kittens she found in the road. They are all very sick with a respiratory thing, and four of them had open wounds with maggots. Gross ! One of them past away on the way to the vet. All are doing well now with some antibiotics and some TLC...
  2. Wave Mail Holder

    This was a small project I designed as a bandsaw exercise, and I'm very pleased with how it came out. The "wave" is made of red oak with gloss poly and the bottom is poplar, stained with Minwax red oak and finished with gloss poly. Using 1/4" plywood, I created patterns for each piece of the...
  3. "Piece of a Beach" Shells with LEDs in a Rustic Picture Frame

    I made this frame using scraps and shells I collected. I used LED lights under shells. I used epoxy to mimic a wave. Its for WFC (Woodworkers Fighting Cancer) drive this year. Please see the video as well at
  4. Wave Sculpture #10

    Wave Sculpture #10 is a wall sculpture that captures the wave ripple motion so often found in nature. The waves are carved in artist quality Baltic birch plywood. The carving reveals the individual plywood layers resulting in a striking pattern of light and dark. The carving is approximately...
  5. Double Wave Bowl

    Segmented bowl with 2 waves. Constructed of hard maple, red paint air-brushed, and finished with 5 coats of wipe-on polyurethane. Measures about 11 inches in diameter, and 6 inches high. Inspired by the Wave Bowl technique created by John Beaver. I built the bowl over-sized to account for the...
  6. Maple wave

    Maple with dye and white paint, approximately 2' x 9" x 4"
  7. J-Bench (Recycling to the next level)

    J-Bench (February 7-22, 2011) Dimensions: 66'' x 37'' x 16'' Weight: 90lbs So I decided to take my "Wave Bench" and the "Tornado Floor Lamp" to the next level by adding a sharp curve on on the wave like a winding road. This took a lot planning with the measurements of the cuts. I have to admit...
  8. Segmented Wave Bowl

    Maple bowl 10-1/2" in diameter and 6-3/4" high. Based on the 'Wave Bowl' design created by John Beaver. The wave is cut from the body of the bowl using a band saw jig developed by John Beaver. The bowl (sans the wave) is turned down to final dimension, then the wave is glued back in place.
  9. The Wedge

    The Wedge is a famous wave in Newport Beach California, It is a wave created from a man-made jetty where when surf comes in the right direction it rebounds off of the jetty and doubles in size. So you end up with cross-facing waves which is what you see in the carving I made from Maple Burl that...
  10. Wavy Maple Box

    My latest box in the small box series. For this box I designed the sinusoidal wave for the cover using Rhino6 3D software. It took about one and a half hours to cut the cover on the CNC and another hour of hand sanding. The box's dimensions are approximately 6" x 3" x 2 1/2". Roger
  11. Pepper Mills

    A couple of pepper mills for the holidays. The first one is a Spalted Sycamore with a gloss style CA finish. The second one is Wave (Tiger) Maple with a Danish oil finish. Both were finished on a buffing wheel with some renaissance wax for protection.
  12. Sin(x) cutting board

    The core is Maple and the edges are Walnut. I made it using a few pieces of scrap I had laying around. I like the curvature but the dark center of the pieces of maple is bothering me. Does anybody have any solution to that or will it go away on its own? Inspiration credit...
  13. Keepsake box - sliding wave top - cherry and bloodwood

    Got the idea for building a router jig to produce the "wave" pattern on panels from a recent woodworking magazine. Pretty cool little jig, and I ended up using a bowl bottom bit to produce wave-like crests on the panel. Once I had the panel, I decided to make it into a keepsake box with a...
  14. Wave 21

    Wave 21 - another 3D sculpture, this time done in Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba). The size is approximately 5 1/2" x 8" x 1" with a wall thickness of approximately 1/8". Roger
  15. Folding Meditation Stool

    This is the second of three Folding meditation stools using a dovetail 'key' system. For portability a simple dovetail key is moved from either the sitting potion to the folded position. Constructed from both old growth red and yellow cedar, finished with a few coats of a wipe on poly mix to...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Looking to replace my router bits which were stolen several months ago. Just ordered a new router and now need new bits but want something that will last and still do the job without spending a lot of money. I am only looking for bits that I would use on a regular basis such as round over, and...
1-17 of 17 Results