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  1. Sharpening Stone Holder

    I made a simple stone holder for my water stone. It was glued together and nailed, but after couple years later It fell apart. I believed the wood is Pine. Which is horrible wood for this. I knew nothing years ago. So I install dowels and glue, clamp together. For finish, I've used oil based...
  2. Sharpening Station

    Now that I've taken the plunge and purchased a honing guide, I decided to make a sharpening station to make the work quicker. It's just a scrap of press-board, a piece of non-slip stuff, some scraps of wood. There are different set-up blocks on the side for quickly setting the correct depths...
  3. Scylla Console

    Hi, I want to share with you my last project, this is my first time that I do these kind of joinery.. made from white oak. I share with you a link to the whole process - please feel free to Write some advices, hope you enjoy.
  4. sharpening stone box

    I made this shallow box to hold my set of Shapton sharpening stones. The sides are walnut, and the top/bottom are just plywood with the top surface veneered with sapele. I made a few mistakes through this thing… I hand cut dovetails for the sides, but didn't do a good job of hiding the dados...
  5. Sharpening Workbench

    I built this mini workbench to hold all my sharpening equipment, keeping abrasive grit and metal slurry away from my main bench. It's built entirely from construction-grade lumber (mostly laminated SPF 2×4s), with mortise and tenon joints. I cut the tenons on the table saw, but hand chopped...
  6. Toy Chest & Bench

    This is a toy chest and bench I built for my children when my son was little. We needed a place to put their toys in the living room, without losing seating space, and it had to allow air flow from the register. I built this with to allow space for the drawer and bench to close without hurting...
  7. Sycamore chest

    Wanted to make something to show the grain of this sycamore. hardware is from van *************************. All comments and critiques welcome thank you for looking.
  8. Ash and Birch Shaker Table

    I needed to build a project for my Cabinetmaking course and a table drilled into my head. I had the choice of using birch, oak or ash. I love ash's grain pattern but the boards weren't wide enough for the top of the table and I didn't want to laminate several 4" strips. Skipping the oak, I...
  9. Angle Display

    For a number of years now i have been buying these for my wife, i decided they needed a nice place to be displayed so i made this case out of puruvian maple for her for mothers day. hope you like.
  10. Sharpening station for water stones base & pond

    Sharpening station for water stones. base & pond So I finally got the money saved for the set of Japanese water stones that was on my wish list for quite some time. When they arrived I had to solve the challenge of making a way to hold them and a pond to soak then in. I wanted the pond to be...
  11. Russian Olive Bowl

    Russian Olive with a bit of a burl in it. Love the caramel color. Fun project.
  12. Open Segment Bowl

    This is an open segment bowl, consisting of forty segment rings, nineteen rings high. Made of maple, cherry and walnut. It is 4" high, 10" in diameter, and 1/8" thick. This is probably the toughest turn I've done because it's so delicate.
  13. Mahogany Humidor

    Just a couple more photos, please see original post
  14. Flower Carving

    Flower Carving, The flower is walnut stem is sapele and the leaves are maple.
  15. Stone Sharpening Pond

    I purchased the Shapton Ceramic Stone sharpening system and needed a convenient way to hold the diamond plate and stones. They are not submersed in water only sprayed so only a catch basin was needed. The exterior of the basin is white oak and the corners are dovetailed using a Keller jig...
  16. Hand Tools
    TLDR: What do you think of this sharpening system? Coarse Dia-sharp (8 inch, 325grit), 1000 grit King water stone, 6000 grit King waterstone. I know similar questions have been asked a million times, but there is A LOT of conflicting information out there about sharpening. As a beginner trying...
  17. Hand Tools
    I purchased a King whetstone combo set from Amazon. Opened the package and discovered the stone was damaged in two places. They are small chips in one corner and on one side. Was surprised to see the damage. Stone was well wrapped inside a cardboard cover and then wrapped in plastic...
  18. Hand Tools
    I recently started my journey into hand tools by getting my first block plane (a LN 60 1/2) and a set of Norton waterstones in the blue IM83 tackle box case. I opened up the case today and found that the top stone (the one of the 3 that's not submerged) is dotted with black mold. Does anyone...
  19. Blogs
    Liu Shifu Forgive me, I don't hang out here all that often. I finally had the opportunity to visit a master woodworker who still uses traditional methods and tools. So I thought I share a few snapshots with y'all. In fact traditional Chinese woodworking has been quite illusive. A few times a...
  20. Blogs
    Japanese hand plane KANNA setup Japanese hand plane setup Fitting, tuning and sharpening. If you are looking for 'ready out of the box' just leave this blog now! This blog is for those who want to understand their tools, to trim, adjust and become the master of your tool. It is not a show off...
1-20 of 32 Results