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  1. Ebony Hudson Bay Murphy bed | Custom

    This is the first time I've used the Minwax Ebony stain by itself. I've used it in combination with a dye to achieve my cappuccino finish, but never alone and on oak. This bed was built in February 2011. It is a version called the Hudson Bay Murphy bed. It is the standard Alpine version with...
  2. Fish Tale Murphy Bed | Custom

    This is my first attempt at Marquetry. Marquetry is pattern of inlaid veneers of wood, brass, ivory, etc., fitted together to form a picture or design. This was completed in March 2011. On this one the customer wanted a couple whales on the face of their murphy bed. I choose Quarter Sawn...
  3. Black Race Car | Custom

    Normally I build my car beds in either red or blue. I had a request for one in black with white detail. We also put it on a drawer pedestal. As an added feature the child's name was placed on the front license plate. This is a fun project and turned out great! This was complete in August...
  4. Blogs
    November 10, 2010 My intent for Way Back Wednesday was to post pictures of project that go back years. Some that are even PC (Pre-Chris). I thought I'd start first with the "Original Crew". The first picture is Gary (my dad) and three of his brothers (Jeff, Larry, and Curtis). Not pictured...
  5. Blogs
    WWBeds Custom Furniture (Waterful Wonderbeds) Announces New Ownership January 13, 2012 
(North Little Rock, AR)
Local family business, WWBeds Custom Furniture, serving the North Little Rock area for 35 years, announces the appointment of second generation furniture maker Chris Davis to...
  6. Blogs
    Little Helper Being a family business has it's benefits and it's struggles. One of the benefits of that family business is you get to bring your kids to work. I remember playing in the saw dust, making airplanes and swords. Those corner notches they would cut off waterbed decking was the...
1-6 of 6 Results