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  1. Water Oak Vase

    Water Oak Vase 7" D x 7" H finished with wipe-on-poly This vase was turned from a piece of found wood that someone had set out on the curb for garbage pickup. I stopped by and loaded up a dozen pieces. This piece was turned "green" and I decided to turn it from the side to show better the...
  2. A future gift for christmas 2011 : a big stop wine bottle

    Hello This afternoon I try to turn my second wine stop bottle I want it big with two color of wood At the end I think it will be a gift for christmas 2011 …...... Comments welcome Thanks for looking
  3. Mantle Shelf with Carved Panels

    This mantle shelf was built from a salvaged water oak. Not the first choice of wood among woodworkers and often viewed as a 'trash' wood. But I had a decent sized log milled into slabs and despite a fight with twisting which cost me more than half of the 2" slab thickness, it ended up being...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hiya folks, I've got a Water Oak burl cap that I cut several months back that I have started working on. It was an ant resort in a former life. I am wondering if I need to do anything to it to stop the spalting process. It is filled with tons of worm/ant holes and is super spalted. I am...
  5. Blogs
    Tree removal and Slabbing Hello All! When we moved into our house 8 years ago the stood a decent size Water Oak / Red Oak tree. A Crape Myrtle was also there. Eight years later the Oak was covering the entire front of the house. To make matters worse, it was hard for grass to grow under the...
1-5 of 5 Results