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  1. Bud vase and Pocket watch

    From early beginnings. I made my first few dollars with these bud vased (featured in Wood Magazine in the late 1980's). The pocket watch was made as a christmas gift to my brother inlaw who was obessed with time. The vase is laminated hard maple with walnut and a rosewood cap. The pocket...
  2. Wooden Watch

    So the insert for my watch finally came in today! Here is my completed homemade watch. It is cut from solid red oak, has brad nails for link pins, and is finished with 5 coats of spray gloss polyurethane. To see how I made it, see my semi-tutorial blog. I used 2 large (compared to the other...
  3. Lacewood & Wenge Watch Box

    My daughter asked me if I could make a watch box for her boyfriend for his birthday, and of course I was absolutely delighted to do it for her!! Anything for my daughter !!!........ anyway, she wanted space for several watches that "collapse" and a few for the "bracelet" style watches. We went...
  4. Ambrosia Maple Turned Bowl

    I took my first wood turning classes at Woodcraft-Clearwater last weekend. I was immediately hooked. I purchased my own Rikon 12" lathe and I've been at it almost every night since. This is the first bowl we turned in class. It's a small Ambrosia Maple bowl.
  5. Platform | Custom

    This is a platform bed that was completed in October 2009. It has a 15 ¾"h drawer unit for storage, a panel headboard, and a small frame for the platform. The finish on it is a simple Danish Oil to keep that natural look. For more building pictures see my Current Projects link at
  6. Watch box

    I made this watch box earlier this year for my brother's birthday. He has a vintage Omega watch so I thought he should have a nice home for it when it's not on his wrist. Made from a 4/4 walnut board resawn to 10mm. Other than using my tablesaw to resaw the board, the only power tool used was...
  7. Curly Maple and Walnut Watch box.

    This box is made to house a collection of watches, commissioned by the collectors partner. I came up with some initial sketches and was given fairly free reign with the design, it just had to hold at least ten watches. The Timber is American black Walnut with the Lid, Drawer front and feet made...
  8. turning projact ; two side table watch

    Two side watch made for check the time differance Korea & US. I use the Rosewood & two small movement .
  9. Big watch

    From time to time i get very nice wood from a window factory for free. That's why I made this watch for them. Made from their wood merbau, meranti and oak The length is about 80 cm Thanks for watching.
  10. It's About Time

    This is a labor of love for my wife. She is an avid watch collector. I had previously designed and built a watch case for her that ended up selling at the gallery where my work is shown. This piece is constructed of Peruvian Walnut and American Cherry. The body of the case is joined with...
  11. Christmas Break Projects

    Been busy with a few large projects for customers so far this winter, but i decided i needed some me time in the shop this week. First i got a Wewood watch as a gift and naturally built an easy yet elegant reclaimed wood holder for it. Then i was tired of plugging in my phone and randomly...
  12. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
  13. Finishing
    I made a coffee table top from Lacewood (leopardwood) and it came out nice. However, I finished it with WATCO Danish oil. It looks ok - the grain is great, but over time it seems just slightly dull and I last waxed it about 2 months ago. Should I plan to continue to wax it, or might it be a...
  14. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi fellow woodworkers. My son is entering a career in watchmaking and I would like to build him a watchmakers bench . I would appreciate if anyone that has built one in the past that would share their experience and provide me with information either on their project or where they were able to...
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    Recently completed this lovely Folding Breakfast Tray, modeled on the ones used in the PBS series "Downton Abbey". It features angled finger joints on the tray rail and a wood spring mechanism to hold the legs closed when folded and lock them open in use! You can download a FREE 38 page set of...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm searching for a good 1/2 RO sander that will easily attach to a vacuum for dust collection. I've looked at the Festool, but it's fairly expensive. Is it worth the extra money? Can anyone recommend a sander that you're currently using. Thanks!
  17. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I know that it is generally seen as unsafe to wear any loose clothes, or rings that might get caught in a rotating power tool, but what about wrist watches? Is there some breakaway clasp, that I need to add, that snaps off if a blade grabs it?
  18. Blogs
    How it started This blog will show progress on an ArtBox I am building for a client. In September I received an email from a gentleman named Sean asking if I was interested in making a custom box to display his wrist watch collection. I said I typically dont do commission work for several...
  19. Blogs
    Murphy wall bed Build - Finished Got the two beds and the bookcase built in record time, two days. It help that the customer will apply the finish. I finished them up on Saturday just before time to go home. Until I can post the project, here is a link to the videos and building pictures...
  20. Blogs
    Christmas Gift for a Woodworker: Wood Watches from WeWOOD I find these quite cool. Don't know how long they would hold up though. They purport to plant a tree for each sold. -Dallas
21-40 of 50 Results