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  1. Craftsman Waste Baskets (& Magazine Holders)

    Just finished 6 of these craftsman style waste baskets. The 1st one (not in pics) was my trial run for finishing prior to assembly, and it was given to a friend. The process worked great, so I did the same with the remaining 5. One of the pics shows the parts just prior to assembly. The...
  2. Waste not, Waste GOT

    Old broken rocking chair + piece of maple from cabinet shop dumpster + piece of leftover ½ inch ply + a little sweat = waste basket. I've had these oak rockers at my house for over 10 years; they've been outside the whole time, stripped down and treated a couple different times. Well the...
  3. Arts & Crafts Waste Basket

    Gift for my wife last Christmas. The bow was made with plane shavings. This is a reproduction of a Limbert #255 waste paper basket.. Made with air dried walnut… tired of looking at plastic! Finish is clear shellac and paste wax.
1-3 of 3 Results