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  1. Millennium Falcon Table

    This is a table made for a friend whose daughter is a big fan of the Star Wars movies. She has a large, collectible model of the Millennium Falcon and will use this table to display it. The sides are adjustable bookshelves and the center has a pull-out magazine rack. Material is red oak...
  2. Sculpted Folk Art Walking Cane with Spiral Twisted Carved Wood Spirits Faces Ivory & Scrimshaw

    --------------------------------- Sculpted hand carved Walking Cane, four happy wood spirits sticking out of the wood, carved from Kansas Black Walnut Wood. Although this walking cane has been "SOLD" and resides in Hutchinson, Kansas USA, I can make you something similar. The carved canes...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Up here in the tundra of ND it gets hard to find specialty items. Needless to say, my local options for hardwood aren't very good. Where do you guys buy yours? Is there a good place online I could use that won't break the bank in shipping costs? This has been a really frustrating problem. I...
1-3 of 3 Results