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  1. Indian Warrior

    I made this JGR Indian brave for my daughter-in-law and my step grandson for Xmas. I used Oak, Sycamore, Walnut, Ebony, Yellowheart, Cherry, Aspen, Aromtic Red Cedar, Poplar, Red Elm, Mahogany with a Sycamore frame.
  2. A wooden figure of the knight

    A wooden figure of the knight, inspired by the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 125 mm, basswood, danish oil, wax
  3. The Ulfhednar v.#2

    Another attempt to make the figure Ulfhednara. It turned out plump and solid. The way to escape from the delightful dogs. Material - basswood. I plan to continue mini-series Vikings their several figures
  4. The teutonic knight

    Little warrior is made from a piece of chestnut that it was a pity to throw away. Turned quickly and funny
  5. ancient coat of arms "Pahonia"

    This is ancient symbol of bravery, honor and strength.
  6. Ulfhednar

    The legendary warrior of the North, the wolf man - ulfhednar. Made from hazel. As the option is part of a set of chess Hnefatafl
  7. Wooden Viking

    Happy new year! The first figurine in the new year. The second Viking from the mini set. Want to make a Earl and a few warriors.
  8. a wooden Viking Earl

    After the previous post I want to add a figure of a Viking Jarl. In a couple of days I promise to present a harsh but beautiful lady
  9. Warrior CNC carving

    A model I got for a few bucks on ebay a while ago I finally found time to carve. After carving I applied 2 coats of shellac, then covered it in brown oil paint and wiped the excess off with a mineral spirits soaked ragged. The paint gives it a lot more depth than simply leaving it plain would...
  10. Native American Indian Warrior The Dance Picture

    Measurement of this picture are 19×19.5", matted with black mat. The frame is painted with brown fleck stone paint. The picture itself if made of 1/8" baltic birch. This picture was cut from a pattern made by Jeff Zaffino.
  11. Warrior Wood-burning

    This was my school logo.
1-12 of 12 Results