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  1. Custom Mail Box Post

    I made this mail box post for my boss. It holds the 2 neighbor's mail boxes also. Made of solid mahogany. The 2 halves are brought together by threaded rod and concealed inside the cross pieces. 2 feet of each post is cemented into the ground.
  2. Ash Wall Shelves

    I built these for my daughter's room to hold her stuffed animals. Completed these sometime last year, but just catching up on posting some projects. All made of ash. I think they came out nice. They filled up quick!
  3. Salvaging History

    I am looking for free or decently priced barns/barnwood/beams. I am making my own furniture as I love to work with my hands and my budget is next to nothing :D I am starting with my bed frame which I have detailed plans for. Along the way I would love y'alls advice and any thoughts or ideas on...
  4. Wine Bottle Balancer

    Made with Brazilian Cerry and Maple. Made for good friend of our family.
  5. Giant Sequoia Dining or Conference table

    I like the rare and unusual! This table is made from a single slab of "Giant Sequoia", inlaid with stone across the surface and over the edges. 15 feet long, 50+ inches across, 3.5 inches thick…30 inches high. Set on two pillar bases made from slabs of Redwood Burl, also inlaid with stone. The...
  6. My 1st Woodworking Project

    I have been a member of lumberjocks for a little over 2 ½ years now. I have had the honor of seeing so many different projects posted and they have always been an inspiration to me. I have always wanted to try and make something out of wood but had no clue where to begin. Just this week...
  7. Wood things

    Just a sample. Can bird house , recycle all ta can !
  8. Zero Clerance Insert

    So I have been looking on here and it seemed like one common thing is that people have is their own zero clearance insert. I didnt want to buy one, so I made one!
  9. dog bed

    Dog bed, the back legs are poplar topped with maple finials, the front legs are also maple finials, the back, front and sides are ¾ birch plywood with birch edge banding. The bed is the same as a standard size pillow as too is the case, so it's easy to wash. The two small squares and one round...
  10. Engineered Lumber Bowl

    One of the guys in my turning club got some engineered lumber from his son-in-law. This bowl measures 4 3/4" in diameter and is 2 1/4" tall. Finish is 5 coats of polyurethane. This stuff dulls tools in a hurry and throws off a lot of dust, so sharpen up and turn on your dust collector. It also...
  11. Dockyard Style Bed

    A few weeks ago I posted a night stand I made for my daughter. It was all pallet wood and called "dockyard style" because it looks, quite frankly, like something you might find sitting on a dock some place. Well, she liked it and the follow on piece was a new full size bed. Her mother...
  12. black built in bookcase

    This is a pretty straight forward project. nice maple ply build up. double thick for the shelves and a black lacquer finish. Scribe panel and crown molding added to the top to fill in. Thank for viewing!
  13. Wood words

    Hello my dear friends! I want to share with you some of my latest projects on my scroll saw cut 21 Ex! Hope you enjoy!
  14. Mini Box - Brazilian Rosewood and Maple

    Mini Box - Brazilian Rosewood and Maple. Every year, a good buddy gives me a small piece of wood for my birthday…....this one was 4×24 x 1/4 inch thick Brazilian Rosewood. Now, I don't like to waste a nice stick, so I tried to see how economical I could be…..I used just a bit over one half of...
  15. Handcarved Studio Art Furniture Chair: A Kansa Indian and Buffalo Art-Sculpture Piece

    This one-of-a-kind Chair is available for purchase, and immediate shipment. Email me for more information: [email protected] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Project Story: In my spare time this summer I read a fascinating book called "PrairyErth" by a...
  16. Kingfisher!

    Here is a Project that I JUST Completed, I decided to give myself a Try on the Scroll Saw to see if I still had it, and if my Hand was hurting too bad to do a little work. Here is the end result. Tech Specs: Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood Time: 3 1/2 Hrs Difficulty: Advanced Blades...
  17. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have a Grizzly G0462 with a miserable banjo and would like to upgrade to a decent workable one. Anyone help?
  18. Wood & Lumber
    im in need of some reclaimed wood. I'm looking for anything: oak, cherry, walnut, maple…anything really. I'm going to be making some beer carriers out of wood. Here's the plans I found online (doesnt have to match below but that is just for an idea). If anyone has anything that can work, please...
  19. Marketplace Classifieds
    Hey everyone, I am looking for a non-working 6×48 belt sander for parts. I am mainly needing the belt assembly parts only, the rollers, the frame to hold the rollers and platen, basically this whole belt assembly. I do not need the motor, disk sander parts, or machine housing. I am on a...
  20. Marketplace Classifieds
    Help! I've just fallen into possession of a relatively good condition Stanley 80 scraper plane. Unfortunately, the thumbscrew to adjust the depth of cut is too short! Someone replaced this screw: with another like one of these: Does anyone have a replacement 28 tpi #10 thumb screw that is...
1-20 of 43 Results