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  1. magic wand

    First attempt at a wand. Made from natural oak I cut down myself.
  2. Magic wand set

    So I guess I have a lot more Harry Potter friends than I thought XD. The first is made from cedar (handle) and oak (blade?), the next two are cedar, last one is some darker light-weight wood I got from the store.
  3. Wands for my Witch

    I mean Wife, always confuse those two. I made these out of scrap wood i had laying around. It is amazing what you can make when your practicing your wood turning skills. I have only owned my lathe for about a week when i made these.
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas Wand

    A friend asked for a wand for his girlfriend's birthday. He asked if we could incorporated a Nightmare Before Christmas theme and I immediately thought of a coffin shaped box. After a bit a fooling around with the angles I had the box made but had no idea of what to do for the wand. My friend...
  5. Potter Fan Wands

    Here is a special request from a couple of Harry Potter fans. Personal magic wands. They are done in Canarywood and Cuban Mahogany with Swarovski crystals in the handle ends. They measure 5/8×5/8×10 1/2 long. They are fun to do. They will have to have them activated by someone else though… I...
  6. My Wooden Wand

    Hi Everyone, I've reently gotten into the hobby of carving wands. At the minute I'm working mainly with pine, but I have some nice poplar and walnut being delivered in the next few days. I first make the wood roughly ylindrial so as to more easily arve the designs I want. I use a Stanley no4 1/2...
  7. Magic Wands for Christmas

    Made these magic wands for my grandkids this year. The oldest is reading the first Hatty Potter book so I figured some wands that light up would be nice. They light up blue and green at the ends. Building the switches into the handles was a real treat but I think it would be much easier should I...
  8. Eddie's Wand - Turning

    This project started as a 1.5" x 1.5" x 18" piece of Cocobolo. I pre-drilled one end to accept a quartz crystal and used a 60deg live center in the tailstock to hold that end. Had the usual issues turning a long length of wood with tool chatter and material-flexing. And, yes, the pre-drilled...
  9. Voodoo Wand

    Being a wand maker and having a sense of humor once in a while someone will say something that plants an idea into my head. Friends were talking about Voodoo (just a topic that came up) and one of them asked about Voodoo Wands; after some exhaustive research I finally came to the conclusion that...
  10. Tulip Wand

    Picked up this project from a long time fan of my work. He wanted to surprise his sister (a Harry Potter fan) with a wand for Christmas. After a great description of her and her likes/dislikes I fell in love with making her a custom wand.. and by sheer luck chose her favorite flower… a tulip...
  11. Harry Potter wands for a birthday party

    I'm a newbie hobbyist woodworker, and I decided to make some Harry Potter wands for my daughter's birthday party. She was turning 11 (the year kids go to Hogwarts) and having a Hogwarts party. In this project, I wanted to: Use different kinds of real wood, just like Ollivander Turn them...
  12. Dumbledore Wands

    I see a lot of guys posting wands so I looked into them and found one from a guy named Dumbledore from Harry Potter. I was just goofing around in the barn the other night and thought I'd try to make one. The block of pistachio was so cracked that I was only able to get two pieces that might make...
  13. Eddie's Wand - Finished

    Cocobolo wand, sanded & finished with Hut's Perfect Pen Polish
  14. My First Turning Project

    Well, I guess this would be my second turning attempt, but my first project here on LJ :) I made one of these (even cruder, if you can imagine that) years ago for my oldest son. My youngest is now 6, an loves Harry Potter. He was begging for one of the over-priced ones they sell so I decided...
  15. Hand carved Wood/Resin hybrid cosplay wand with LED embedment

    Just finished (maybe 20 minutes ago) this hybrid wood/resin wand a friend commissioned from me for cosplay/larp. He is a big fan of resin work, and challenged me to build a "lightning wand" that would also light up. Unfortunatlly form me, my lathe is still not operational so this was all done...
  16. Purpleheart Magic Wand with Stand

    Special order for a special lady. This wand is carved in Brazilian purpleheart with a Maple and Purpleheart stand. It has crystals inset to four sides. It measures about 12 inches long. To be displayed on her desk in lieu of a desk name plaque.
  17. Magic Wands #1

    The left wand is pine - stained and poly finish The other two are walnut clear poly finish Recycled from shop scraps
  18. Magic Wands #2

    Unknown wood [old broom stick ] - stained and poly finish, brass tack on the end
  19. A Wand for a Wizard

    I made this for my brother-in-law. He has Down's Syndrome and loves the Harry Potter books and movies. He has walked around using anything he can find for a wand for several years. Now, he has a wand that chose him. The wand is made from a fruit wood branch pulled from our wood stove pile. It...
  20. 2 wands

    Two wands I recently made. Haven't really been in the shop all summer (to hot) but my wife wanted something for the local elementary school library fundraiser carnival. So I made the wand and a stand for it. My first stand for a wand. During the carnival I found out she was invited to a friends...
1-20 of 67 Results