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  1. Blue Collar Bread Board

    Don't know about you, but, this is how us blue collar crusty carpenters like makin bread boards. . . Yes sir, you can use it. ... go ahead, slice somethin on it. . . You won't find no mortised handmade miters, baltic bamboo butterflies or a slidin sassafrass slip fit. No swirlin CNC...
  2. Blogs
    Crotch Walnut Slabs - All Sizes and Shapes Hey Folks, Just wanted to let any fellow woodworkers know that we've been focused on buying and cutting crotch sections of walnut & finally have them coming out of the kiln every 3-4 months. We have about 150 slabs in our Wimberley, TX located...
  3. Blogs
    Table top slabs Cutting lots of slabs the last couple weeks. Just finished some 12 foot long Sycamore ones on Saturday. And before that, a bunch of walnut. To keep updated - go to facebook and like my page.
  4. Blogs
    Big Texas Walnut Slabs Check out my new BIG TEXAS Walnut Slabs
  5. Blogs
    New Stock Of Black Walnut Wood Slabs Just Arrived Boards & Beams has just brought in over 50 new black walnut wood slabs into our warehouse located in Fairfield NJ. Most of these slabs are from hurricane Sandy and have been air drying since they have fallen. Love the contrast of the walnut...
  6. Wood & Lumber
    I have an 8' x 40 inch dining table. It is a bookmatched 2 inch thick walnut. It has a terrible cupping problem. Since this picture was taken, I have since got the cupping out. I wet it down and put buckets of sand on top. I also, put a pot of water on a hot plate burner under it. Then I covered...
1-6 of 6 Results