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  1. Teak wood ring with gold embossing powder inlay

    That embossing powder was tricky to work with. Add a pinch of CA and it starts rolling around like mercury! Came out pretty nice in the end, though.
  2. Toy Chest with Veneer Panel Inserts

    Walnut Toy Chest with arched rails, molding and veneer panel inserts. We first built a shelf board mock-up to determine rail arcs and veneer panel sizes. We used our neighbors full size CNC router to produce MDF templates for the various arcs. The MDF templates were used to create fixtures...
  3. Base for a sectional couch

    Had a couch reupholstered and I wanted to change the base/legs. The old couch was on legs and my dogs would crawl under and were hard to get out if they didn't want to! Also, I wanted to lift the couch a bit higher to make it easier to get off of. The new base is 1/4" walnut plywood wrapped...
  4. square is the bane of my existance

    Finished the two sides of a walnut desk - Desk will have a 2" walnut top 64×20 and 2 sections of 3 drawers each; For the life of me i can't get it all square. Several drawers and even the frame is off. How do all those YouTube magicians get all their stuff squared? one might not see it but one...
  5. Patio Coffee Cart for a Church

    My LJ bro Rico and I made this custom desiged coffee cart for a local church matching the patio cart I made for them a few years ago. It is contructed from walnut 3/4" plywood and 3/4" baltic birch plywood and solid walnut for the edge bands. The black hole in the top is for trash and the top...
  6. Wood & Lumber
    Why does walnut plywood look so fake
  7. Focus on the Workspace
    Hi Friends Living in southern Oregon we have pretty mild weather but of late our summers and now late spring we have had some pretty hot days(for our area)a hundred degrees. this has brought me to the point that I'm considering putting AC in my shop. I've gone online and have done a little...
1-7 of 7 Results