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  1. Walnut Dining table base

    The first one of these i made was extremely difficult. There were other variations of this general concept but none of them had any description on the weight limits of the table tops and were pretty basic in design. The first one was made from Cherry, and was made out of 5/4. it was for a 5...
  2. 7' Walnut dining table

    almost ready to send this one to a new home. 7' bookmatched walnut top 1 7/8" thick. I had a little assistance on this one from my "helper"
  3. Bentwood Walnut Dining Table

    Bentwood Walnut Dining Table-Here is a table (or could be a desk I guess) that I have made in the past. I just never had it photographed or posted it.The table is made from walnut with purple heart breadboard ends. The base was created by bending the wood in a very large form using bending...
  4. Fine Rustic Walnut Dining Table with Live Edge

    Here is what I like to call Fine Rustic furniture, where the table top is rustic but the style and the base are more elegant. This table came about after my wife and I moved into our new house a couple of years ago. We had a dining room but not a table big enough for the space. We couldn't find...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi All, Just refinished my butcher block with Watco butcher block oil..unfortunately I dripped some on my stainless steel sink…did not notice it right away…and 72 hrs later it has dried …tried rubbing it out with mineral spirits..but to no avail…tried to scrub it with a soft pad so as not to...
1-5 of 5 Results