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  1. Imbuia Bowl

    I got a piece of Imbuia 450mm x 150mm x 70mm and couldn't really decide what to do with it as it was too small for anything else really so I decided to try my hand for the 1st time at turning a small bowl, I'm not a wood turner so this was a challenge for me. The bowl is Imbuia, the lid Beech...
  2. cutting board

    our old store bought cutting board was looking kind of bad, so my wife asked me to make her a new one. the materials I used are wallnut and swedish maple salvaged from an old table. finished with wallnut oil.
  3. My first post here

    Here are a few boxes that I have made recently. Whilst most of my projects are bigger than these, it is boxes that give me a lot of pleasure. The box at the back comproses of four smaller boxes - a base, sitting on this a larger box, an on this two smaller boxes. The light timber is huon pine...
  4. Wallnut Hand Planes

    Here I made a few more hand planes out of wallnut.
  5. Surfboard Cheeseboard

    I had an idea to make my cutting board in to a surfboard Cheeseboard and I mentioned it to a friend of mine and he already had a cheeseboard shaped like surfboard. We traced it and this is what I came up with. A 16"X 6 1/2"X 1/2" Cheeseboard. Thanks for stopping by.
  6. Pantograph

    Inspired by Mathias Wandel. Just wanted to make it and play with it a little. Looked quite challenging to make, but not so complicated. I used some pine , firwood, wallnut and playwood sraps with some srews and nuts to make it - pretty cheap. I drilled some more holes to make different carving...
  7. Blogs
    Chess Boards 6 photos | 1 view A couple of chess boards I made in the past ------------------------------------------------ the wood was some scrap I had I don't know what it is, the black squares are coloured with matt black auto paint and the stringing is Aluminium strip, the base is scrap...
  8. Blogs
    Just finishing up my latest projects Since the first of the year I've turned my first two bowls from curly maple and made a custom pen & pencil set with case out of Mahogany. I'll be posting pics soon! I've also received a donation of several Walnut logs (saved from a friends firewood pile!)...
  9. Wood & Lumber
    Hi everyone. My wife and I are out doing some yard work and clearing an area for a veggie garden. I have (3) 3-4' tall walnut trees I just dug up (very deep holes to make sure I got all/most of the tap root). They're out by the road. Send me a PM if you want to pick them up.
  10. Marketplace Classifieds
    FINAL Price Reduction. After moving into a smaller apartment I have to part with some of my turning tools due to limited space. All of the tools still have a substantial amount useful steel left and are in good condition. Robert Sorby 3/4" Rough Gouge: If Purchased New: 74.00...
1-10 of 10 Results