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  1. Wall storage using french cleats

    I needed extra storages, so i was inspired by Steve Ramsey when he organised his old peg board. i used the french cleat idea as it is more flexible. its worked out really good and has really helped tidy the area
  2. Slightly different woven board

    This board has a background and accent stripe of New Guinea Rosewood with the main weave of Tasmanian Blackwood and the other accent is Purpleheart. I hope the pics are big enough and there is a bit more detail.
  3. Cherry Bed

    Cherry bed I made for my son. Plan is from "Woodsmith" 108.
  4. Table saw sled wall storage

    I'm between bigger projects so I've been doing some shop organizing. I wanted a better solution for storing my sleds then laying them on my dust collector or sitting on the floor and had some unused wall space. I used scraps to make a fixed rack on one side and then a door hinge on the other...
  5. Battery Storage/Dispenser Unit (VIDEO)

    Video can be found here: Storing batteries can be very dangerous, especially 9 volts. 9 volts are particularly dangerous because they have both the + and - terminals right next to each other. This can cause these batteries to easily contact something conductive and heat up extremely fast. This...
  6. Cope and Stick Cabinet Door - Kaizen Foam Panel (VIDEO)

    Hello fellow LJ'ers I documented this build on my YouTube channel: On this weeks project I decided to cover my upper cabinet with some doors. Not only is this to gain more wall storage back with the kaizen foam, but it will also make my videos look cleaner. I used 3/4" oak hardwood, 1/4"...
  7. Clamp Rack for Parallel Bar Clamps

    I came across this clamp rack on the Wood Whisperer website a couple years ago. I recently got so frustrated with my clamp disorganization that I broke down and designed my own spin off to fit exactly 16 clamps that I own. I am please with the way it came out and it seems to be plenty sturdy...
  8. Nail polish storage

    This project I made fo my friend birthday. She have small manicure business and I decided to make Greene and Greene style nail polish wall storage. I used sapele and padauk, ebony for the splines and pegs. I decided to add inlay with mother of the pearl and silver wire. Finishing Varathane...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This is our version of the wall storage system (aka: French Cleat) that was posted on LJ's by several members who incorporated it in their workshop (And thanks to Steve Korz for the instructions). With an abundance of odd shaped tools that have been accumulated over the years, this system...
  10. Hand Tools
    Is there someplace that I can buy stencils or stickers of tool outlines for my pegboard. That would be great. I know that I could trace the tool and then paint it in but, I'm too lazy! :-D
  11. Blogs
    Moving the Hand Tools In...Installing A French Cleat System So, I spent all summer building a barn, so I can move all the junk out of my garage, so I can buy a real cabinet saw, jointer, band saw, and drill press and have the room to leave them all reasonably set up so I don't have to do the...
  12. Blogs
    I Built Four Wall Cabinets Some of you probably know that I have mostly been carving in my shop nearly every weekend for almost a year, now. My shop was filling up with all of my woodcarvings and they were stacked everywhere. I believe my shop was getting jealous of my carvings. I don't want to...
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    hi i have being trying to post a project every thing seems fine when i click the preview button i can see the photos but when i click post the topic i keep getting this error in red 1 error prohibited this project from being saved There were problems with the following fields: Project must have...
  14. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    We hit a new all time low for last night as well. Roughly 20 inches of snow.
  15. Wood & Lumber
    Brought several boards of some hardwood from a garage sale, which was sold to me as oak. It is very different from red or white oak that I have though. This wood is diffuse-porous, light color, has visible sheen and of medium density. I thought that it might be a walnut, which turned blonde...
1-15 of 15 Results