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  1. Some more things I've made

    All from scrap wood things I do to keep me out of trouble inbetween real projects, and it makes me some spending money since most things like this I send to the consignment shop.
  2. Cougar

    I used a scroll saw to cut out this cougar from birch ply. Took a thin mirror and put that as a backing to show depth and then framed in pine.
  3. Walnut, Ash and Brass Jewelry Hanger

    A friend from college reached out to me and showed me a jewelry hanger that she wanted to have built. I told her i could certainly do it. I didn't want to do it the same way as the example was shown to me however. I thought it would look better with 2 contrasting woods, thus the ash and walnut...
  4. Avengers Led Wall Art

    As a fan of the Avengers you just have to build the logo with led lights. I used I use scrap wood for this project and the led light just make it look like in the movies. I based the colours on the Avengers endgame. For a how to video and free plans for this project click on Video Link...
  5. Oklahoma Sign

    Made from pallet wood. Used router for letters. Stained and painted.
  6. Sign

    Made from pallet wood. Used dremel to carve top words and wood burner for bottom words. Stained. Loved the quote and just wanted to put it on wood.
  7. Vikings plaque

    Made this for a friend's fancave. Hand carved the star background from pine. Cut the Viking from poplar using a scroll, painted and glued.
  8. Pretty Peg Board

    I've always wanted a Julia Child-esque pegboard in my other workshop (a.k.a. the kitchen), but with limited wall space, this is my compromise! I used flat brick-red paint to match our decor and framed it in 1×4s stained Walnut. I was fixated more on the idea of it than what I would actually use...
  9. "Deep Forest" a Buckeye Burl wood carving carved by Gary Burns the treewiz, handmade woodworking

    A Ooak Original Wood Carving I call "Deep Forest", a tree scene that I carved out of a piece of Buckeye Burl. This is a very hard wood to design a tree scene in. I have only carved a few Buckeye Tree Scenes compared to the Maple Burl pieces that I have done. Buckeye has really interesting...
  10. Elk Country

    I had this piece of wood that I picked out from the sawmill. It is a piece of Locust, so pretty with all the colors, it has orange, pink, yellow. This is the second time I have cut this pattern. The first one was a donation to the Elk Foundation. This piece is long enough that I had to use...
  11. Bald eagle sign

    Cut using a delta scroll saw. Hand painted. Closed to 75 pieces.
  12. Navy plaque

    I cut this plaque using a scroll saw using birch ply. Gold brads on frame outside to add flare. Asked to make for a friend.
  13. Army plaque

    Army plaque cut with the scroll saw out of birch ply. Spray painted cutout black with a white background.hand painted black cracks and flicked brush to get the spotted effect.
  14. wall decor layered scroll saw pattern

    this is ,my last scroll saw pattern that i designed in coreldraw and scrolled from 6 mm plywood it is available here in my Etsy shop if you wish to try
  15. Skull

    This skull illusion was cut on my scroll saw using ½" oak plywood.
  16. Eagle and avalanche

    I cut this eagle with my delta scroll saw. It was 70ish pieces. Measures roughly 22"×18". Cut from baltic birch ply and birch ply. Spray painted and some hand painting. The avalanche logo was 16 pieces with a toothpick pictured in the center to show sizing.
  17. "Sea Breeze" a Buckeye wood carving of a Coastal Cypress by Gary "Wiz" Burns the treewiz

    Sorry for not posting in so long. I have been so busy with carving and working our property. But this is a fun one that I just finished. I call this piece "Sea Breeze", a tree scene that I carved out of a piece of figured Buckeye. It is really a great piece of wood. The scene depicts a Coastal...
  18. Wood Flooring Scraps for Inset Wall

    I have a friend who is wood floor installer and he let me have his waste from prior projects to create this decorative inset at an inset wall above my mantle and T.V. The picture does not seems to do justice on how the light reflects of the variation of thicknesses and shadowing but would be...
  19. Wood Spirit Face Carving

    I carved this bearded fellow in a large piece of Pine knot. He is around 15 1/2" tall and 9" wide. I carve using a Foredom, which is an electric rotary tool with various burrs and grinders. I finished this carving using an oil wash. His eyes are painted with a bit of blue- something a little...
1-20 of 24 Results