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  1. Cedar Bridge for Mothers Day

    This was supposed to be my Dad's mother's day project. It was built as a replacement to one built about 10 years ago that rotted out It got finished quite belatedly if thats a word My dad did most of the work on the bridge, but I Did some as well dimensions are 8' x 27" x 12" it is unfinished...
  2. Designing Woodworking Projects
    my she-shed desperately needs a walkway from my deck to the shed door, and i've got six 6' 5/4 deck boards leftover from another project… if i use ground contact 4-bys to make a base and screw the deck boards on the 4-bys, do i still need to do any ground work like leveling, killing the grass...
  3. Blogs
    48 years ago... I changed... ... from being a single man to a Married man! Spent most of the day trimming trees (wood) and Ivy… Tonight, we are going to a restaurant called The Red Lobster… ... I will probably have Snow Crab Legs… she will probably have Lobster (my guess)... It sure...
1-3 of 3 Results