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  1. Stepstool

    I made my step stool out of walnut and routered the edge of the top with an ogee profile and routed the curve in the legs with a roundover bit. The top 3 pieces of walnut were put together with biscuits and glue and the whole stepstool was held to gether with pocket hole screws. I finished it...
  2. Step Stool

    in shop class today I Finished my step stool and the wood i made my step stool out of is Walnut the type of Router Profile is the OGEE then we put finish coating on the step stool and that is what my step stool and for my legs I use the Round over Router Profile and that
  3. Step Stool

    In shop class, I made a step stool out of walnut and on my router profile I used a round over and an OGEE and the finish I used on it was tung oil.
  4. My Stepstool

    The type of wood I used for this stepstool was mahogany wood. The router profile I used for this stool was both roundover and ogee. And the type of finish on my stool was Tung Oil to make it have that glossy look.
  5. Wood Step Stool

    White burch, Roundover and Ogee. tungoil.
  6. Step Stool

    I used red oak and used tung oil to stain it and the router i used ogee
  7. Step Stool

    The wood is white birch, the router profile is Roundover Ogee. The finish is Tung Oil.
  8. Step Stool

    Wood- white birch. Router profile- roundover, ogee. Finish- Tung oil
  9. Stepstool

    First of all I pick walnut wood to make my stepstool. I made it at Wahoo high school and the routerbits I used was oundover and chamfer. The Roundover was for my feet and the Chamfer was for everything else, and I used Tung oil to finsh the job.
  10. Stepstool

    made this project in woods class. the material that I used is Mahogany. the bit that I used is the OGEE bit. I used Tung Oil as the finish.
  11. Step stool

    I built my stepstool in the shop. I made it out of red oak material. I used the chamfer router bit to finish my top. The finish i used on my stool was tung oil.
  12. stool

    This stool was made in Wahoo Woods Shop. I used mahogany wood with a cove router on the top and the round over for the legs. We used tung oil for the finish
  13. stepstool

    I made it in my woods class in 2018-2019. I used White Birch as my materials. I used a type of round over bit.
  14. Stepstool

    Made at Wahoo High School. Used mahogany and a cove router on top. Used round over for the legs with a tung oil finish
  15. Stepstool

    I made my stool in woods class. I used red oak for my stool. I used a cove router. I used tung oil on this project
  16. Stepstool

    I crafted this wonderful step stool in my awesome shop class. I used fine hickory wood and a cove router bit on this project. Finally I used tung oil as my finish.
  17. step stool

    I made it the wahoo shop. The materials I used was quartersawn white oak. The router I used was the chamfer. The finish I used was tung oil.
  18. Stepstool

    I made it in the wood shop at wahoo high school. I used quarter sawn white oak. I used a ogee router bit And I used ting oil for the finish
  19. Stepstool

    I build this step stool in the shop at Wahoo Public Schools. Iused red oak. I used a round over router but. I used tung oil for my finish.
  20. Step stool

    I used quarter sawn white oak to make my step stool. I used the ogee router bit on the top and the round over bit on the sides and legs. I used Tung Oil for the finish.
1-20 of 79 Results