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  1. End Grain Cutting board

    I made my cutting board out of white birch, walnut, and mahogany. I did a checked pattern of birch and walnut, with mahogany on the edge. I used a mineral oil finish.
  2. Endgrain cutting board

    My endgrain cutting board made with walnut, white birch, cherry and hickory wood which I topped off with a mineral oil finish.
  3. Step stool

    This is the step stool I designed and built in shop class. I chose walnut because I thought it looked good and it is very heavy duty. After I cut my pieces to size and routed the sides it was time to stain my projects. I decided to use Antique Cherry because it just gave the wood a darker look...
  4. End grain cutting board

    Made this in woods class. The wood I used was walnut, white birch, and hickory and put 5 coats of mineral oil finish.
  5. Endgrain Wooden Cutting Board W/ Oil Finish

    Pattern design on cutting board made up of various woods found in the shop. Completed with mineral oil finish.
  6. Arts and Crafts Mantle Clock

    Made in Woods Class Made out of African Mahogany I didn't use any stain so I used Tung Oil
  7. Step stool

    I made this step stool with cherry wood in woods class, I did not stain the wood. I used the rounded edge for the routing process of the project. I used tung oil for finish. I had a little bit of trouble sanding the wood down.
  8. Arts and crafts mantle clock

    Made this in woods class. It is made of oak wood, no stain, tung oil finish.
  9. Arts and craft Mantle Clock

    I made this in woods class. I made this out of walnut wood. I put on tung Oil on when I was done.
  10. Mantle Clock

    I made my clock out of cherry wood. I used tung oil for the finish. I didn't use a stain.
  11. Arts and Crafts Mantel Clock

    I made this in 2nd period woods class. It is made out of walnut. I used a tungoil finish.
  12. Arts and Crafts Mantle Clock

    I made this in Wahoo high school woods class. I used African Mahogany and finished it with tungoil. I also put stained glass in it.
  13. Clock

    Made out of white birch then stained it with a dark stain and fished it with tongue oil used flamed stain glass and used a glass drill bit to cut hole for clock mechanics
  14. African Mahogany Footstool

    African mahogany wood, basic foot board design with A-shaped legs, rounded router profile design, stained, tung oil
  15. Step Stool

    I used hickory style wood, with a round over router. I applied two coats of cranberry red stain and two layers of tungoil.
  16. Cutting Board

    It's a cutting board made from care and well made
  17. My Step Stool

    I made this stool in my Woods class. It is made of African Mahogany, with a half circle leg design, a rounded router bit. It doesn't have any stain on it because I didn't have time time to add it. The type of finish i used is Gloss Tung Oil.
  18. Step stool

    I made this step stool in shop class for a project, it is made out of cherry wood, I stained it with a dark walnut type stain, and finished it with gloss tung oil
  19. Endgrain Cutting Board

    Here is the endgrain cutting board I made in shop class. It is made of Walnut, White Birch, Cherry, and Hickory. I coated the board with Mineral oil for a darker finish.
  20. Endgrain Cutting Board

    I made this cutting board in woods class at my high school. I used walnut, white birch, cherry, and hickory wood. At the end of the project we sanded the wood and put mineral Finnish on the boards.
1-20 of 56 Results