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  1. cutting board

    In woods class for first semester we had to make a cutting board. Well, I decided that this would make a great Christmas present for my mom. So, I decided that I wanted this to be a legit cutting board so I used Walnut and Cherry. I used the school's computer program to come up with at least an...
  2. Step Stool

    Well in shop class I made a step stool out of oak. I used the router to route my top legs and sides. I know I used the round over for everything except my top. and I dont remember what I used for it either. I used taung oil to seal up the wood. I could have used stain, but I'm more of a natural...
  3. Brady's Bandsaw Box

    My bandsaw box was made in my first period woods class in Wahoo High School.Our project was to make a bandsaw box out of ceder. For my design i did a simple rounded top with two drawers. for my first color i used a shade of brown. For my drawers i used an English Oak. My project took two weeks...
  4. Bandsaw Box

    I made a band saw box, out of cedar wood. I made mine a simple box its 3 1/2 inches tall and 7 inches long. i have cut two drawers out for my box. I have already stained it, all i have to do is put a gloss coat on my box then i am finished. It took me a few weeks to do all of this.
  5. Step Stool

    I just figured I would upload this for you guys that find it. It took about a month to make it, but a few hours of total work time, excluding the time for stain and Formby's Tung Oil to rest. Made of Red Oak and stained with something called Golden Oak, this stool is easily in the top 2 of the...
  6. Gun Rack

    I made my gun rack out of pine. i chose pine because I knew it would be easy to shape for the notches to hold my guns. I made my sides by cutting out a template out of a piece of thin ply wood. Then I traced it on to my pine board then I followed the line with the jig saw. Then I routed it to...
  7. Mantle Clock

    I built this in my Woods class.
  8. Cedar Mantle Clock

    This was my shop class's final major project of the school year. It's made out of the same cedar that my stepstool was made of. The glass I soldered myself in class. The hardest part of this project was probably planning down the cedar to the thin thickness I needed for the back, because the...
  9. Step stool

    I used oak wood with a golden oak water based stain and a tung oil finish!
  10. Step Stool

    I used walnut for my top, legs and I used oak wood for my side. On the walnut I used a custom made stain and on the oak I used golden oak water base stain. With a tung oil finish.
  11. Step stool

    For this project I chose to use Oak wood with a Rosewood stain. I originally wished to use Antique Cherry stain, as it is less exotic and more the style I wanted to have, but I mixed up the cans and I now have a stool that looks like it saw a war. I used Formby's Tung Oil to preserve the...
  12. Step stool

    I made my step stool out of walnut. Everything is stained with 91 stain. The stool is finished with tune was a fun project.
  13. Endgrain-Board

    This project did take a few weeks to complete, but it was all worth it. The material is a combonation of walnut and white birch. You may not be able to tell that I used white birch, but it gave it a nice color after the stain. I really like this cutting board and I hope you do too! I stained it...
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Since bought the Red Oak for my mom morris chairs, most of the lumber is over 8'' and a few peices is close to 12'' wide. I see now why so many woodworkers like a bigger jointer, I only have a Ryobi 6-1/8 benchtop jointer and I wish I had a 12'' jointer I cant complanit because is given to me...
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am debating on waiting until I can afford a cabinet saw or go with a contractor saw to get me by and wait a little longer before I get the cabinet saw. Obviously there is a huge price difference and if money wasn't an object I wouldn't be asking however it is. My question is anyone using a...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I was looking for a saw to cut thin balsa strips for crafts and came across this. Would this Protool P-GCP1000-1 handle the job, or do I need something more substantial?
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I received the regular Popular Woodworking e-mail today. One of the articles is a video on how to taper a leg by using the jointer. I have an older Delta 6" long bed jointer (the one with the open leg bottom). Even with new blades and after a full alignment I get massive chatter, tearout and...
1-17 of 17 Results