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  1. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm sharing the techniques I use for difficult wood repairs. How to you patch wood on curves? How do you match wood filler? How do you refit joinery that broke? Welcome to my workshop and enjoy the show. Poll question after you watch the video - what did you learn most?
  2. Blogs
    Here's a video I made to teach how to repair outdoor furniture and what glues to use. Outdoor furniture takes a lot of punishment and it's built differently than indoor furniture. I've included 10 tips as well. What are your thoughts or questions? I hope you find this helpful.
  3. Blogs
    I've done a lot of furniture repair so I thought I'd share some tips on how to shorten a chair or stool legs so there's no wobble. I hope you find this helpful. Scott
  4. Blogs
    Main Frame Stock Prep In this series, I'll be sharing my building of a Dutch style tool chest. I'm more or less building it as described by Christopher Schwarz, in terms of dimensions. This is just the first video, as a quick starter. I hope to have the second video in short order.
  5. 2 laminated bowls

    Hello LJ's Last week I finished these two bowls. Fun project!! I made a slide-show which I posted on you-tube to share the proces on how I made it. Have fun watching and feel free to contact me for any questions!!
  6. DIY Butcher Block-Styled Modern Skinny Desk

    Hi Everyone, First time visitor and poster to this forum (literally just learned about it). Been woodworking/building for the better part of two years now. Started my blog on my builds about a year ago, and my YouTube channel on my builds about 2 months ago and love every second of it...
  7. Pallet Chevon "Martini Bar" Wall Art Piece

    EDIT: Holy cow we made it to the Daily Top 3! Thanks everyone - make sure you check out the full video build here: This community is truly amazing. I think a few of you saw my first post yesterday - a butcher block desk that I could have been more thrilled to share with the world and your...
  8. square bowl from cedar log

    I used my jig to cut a flat edge on the log, I then used a wormwood screw to turn a tennon and then turn the inside as you can see in the video the first blank blew up while spinning. I then finished it with some Danish oil. the video-
  9. Miter/Mitre Box

    As a rookie on woodworking cuting straight isnt one of my strong points, so the miter/mitre box was created!!! I made it from spares, its just two bigger pieces one on each side that I glued and screwed to the bottom, later I aded a piece of acrylic to make it more stable (I ended up changing...
  10. Manly Japanese Inspired Work Mug

    If you prefer not to read, the video is here View on YouTube So I had recently acquired a full set of auger bits but the box I had for them wasn't really worth fixing and was pretty much done for. I wanted to do something different and totally overkill for the job of holding the bits and...
  11. The Cremona Slab Shelves - A Story About Community

    Matt Cremona sent me a slab of wood. I made some live edge slabs out of it. The online woodworking community is incredible Watch the Cremona Slab Video here
  12. Jaida's Stove valentines box.

    Every year my daughters class as a contest for the most creative valentines box. This year she wanted to do a stove. We started talking about want to use for burners and we thought of coffee warmers. We found some cheep online as well as a clock, thermometer and some toggle switches that light...
  13. Designing the Dragon Pull Toy

    A number a LumberJocks sent me emails asking how I designed the dragon pull toy. For my articulated projects, I always sketch in CAD (because I don't have a pencil) and then animate the design to check the relationship of parts and the clearances. It's no fun looking at static pictures, so I...
  14. My wooden Shop Stool

    Hi all!, here is the complete project of my new shop stool. This work, was covered with two videos that point to the working feeling. I also called it: "stool in concert", because of the beauty of the music, that put me on the right sensation. Also I posted two blog entries about the process...
  15. Murphy Bed/Desk Ross | Custom

    This is a Murphy bed that was completed in July 2010. I'm a little late on posting projects; we've been very busy the last few months and couldn't devote any attention away from building. This is my Ross version with solid raised panel (false) doors on the front. We added a couple bookcases...
  16. A Japanese Bunmawashi (Beam Compass)

    If you prefer not to read, the build video is here View on YouTube I first heard of this tool from the Toshio Odate book on Japanese tools. I thought it was pretty fascinating and I tucked it away in the back of my mind as a "do it someday" project. Well the excuse to build came when one of...
  17. Japanese Wari Kebiki (Splitting Gauge)

    If you prefer not to read, the video is here View on YouTube So for those who don't know, a Wari Kebiki is simply a different form of the Japanese marking gauge (sometimes referred to as a Suji Kebiki). The standard marking gauge as the name implies is designed to mark/score the wood in a...
  18. Barn door from reclaimed Barn Wood

    I built this barn door using reclaimed barn wood from a barn that was salvaged in Blackburn Missouri. Picture of the barn in the gallery. The frame I welded from angle iron and painted black. Watch it be built on Youtube If you want more info on how I went about building this door please...
  19. Bermuda Bound Murphy Bed | Custom

    This is my Ross style with some extra features. This one was competed in May 2010. It is built in maple and with color I call a Golden Birch stain. It is a custom mixed color. The verticals of the bed and the outside verticals have a chamfer cut in them that stops 5 ½" from the bottom and 2...
  20. Wood Play Button

    My you tube channel ( recently hit 100 subscribers. To celebrate the milestone I made two wooden play buttons. View on YouTube
1-20 of 500 Results