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  1. a few lathe works

    Always wanted a lathe and was finally able to get one a couple of years ago, still have a lot to learn about turning. all of these started off as something else in my mind but after taking off too much here or there or an accidental gouge altered my original ideas a little.
  2. madrone burl large and small bowl steamed and cured

    hi evereyone all is well love working the wood lathe. here are a couple of pieces i have done they came out very well i was very proud of my job. the steamed madrone burl is a outstanding wood type very stable and some great figure. you just never no how going to look untill i apply the...
  3. New Carved Sculptures and Vessels

    These are just a few new pieces that we created for our show this next weekend. We'll be having professional photos taken of a new curly maple rocker and a couple of scultures that will be posted later in the month. But for now here are a few that we took pictures of. The first is "Mini Me...

    This is a small Cognac Snifter turned from, and still a part of, a piece of Podacarpus. Look at the marbling in this wood and ask me again why I'm growing enamored of it. It stands about 5-1/2" tall and is 3-3/4" across the base.
  5. Blogs
    More Adventures into Woodturning Here is an update on some of my woodturning adventures. I had not heard of the term "Flatwork" until I started posting on a woodturning forum. Its what we all do here on LumberJocks (except for the woodturners). I felt I was carving a niche of my own in my...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Has anyone (aftermarket or home made)come up with a way to add an led light to a router for better visibility? I was thinking to use a small led flashlight with a flexible tip???
1-6 of 6 Results