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  1. Magnolia vessel

    5 1/2" D x 6 1/4" H This vessel was turned from a huge magnolia tree that was cut down. I happened to drive by and saw a pile by the road and in my truck they went! There was this black core in this wood and I decided to incorporate this in my turning. I guess the black core is the start of...
  2. Spalted Birch Lidded Vessel

    This is my first lidded vessel, and the second attempt with the spalted birch log I'm using. The top collar and lid/finial are done in western red cedar. I found it too soft to hold any detail, as small beads and features crumbled too easily. Next time I'll use only a dense hardwoood for a...
  3. Cousins

    73 pieces, consisting of butternut and black walnut, 11.75" in dia 6.5" tall, finish consists of danish oil with wipe on clear gloss poly
  4. Alternating Block Pattern Segmented Vessel

    curly white ash, cherry, hard maple. Solid bottom and top, segmented layers in between. 13 ¼ tall x 10 ¼ diameter
  5. Turned Apple Vessel

    I turned this vessel last weekend. The apple wood came from a tree cutter I know. It was very dry and had some beautiful knots and crevices in it but was also rotten down the core (ha). I wanted to be able to save the outer markings so I had to keep the piece thicker than I wanted to so that I...
  6. Huios

    His name is "Huios" which is the Greek word for a son. He was made as a donation for a silent auction taking place on March 9th. All the money will go to Rev. Grant Armstrong and his wife Amy. The funds will be used for the purpose of adopting a son from Ethiopia. The 4 sections of the pod...
  7. Hole in the Wall

    37pcs, made of in-grown bark hard maple and black walnut, 9.5" dia and 3.5" tall finished with danish oil and high gloss wipe on poly
  8. Mystery Wood - Trying to identify

    I've made two turnings from this wood that was salvaged from a friends, neighbors, firewood pile. He had collected many blocks of similar size from a local central Indiana lumber mill, although I don't know which one. Also in the pile were many blocks of red and white Oak. These are lighter in...
  9. Box Elder root burl vessel

    This is a box elder root burl that was dug almost 40 years ago. It and other have been in storage for that length of time. This is one of the first turnings from these burls I have the two small vessels along side in the second photo. They yet don't have any finish, debating about dye for...
  10. Offset Checkered Vessel

    First time to try this type of design. Pretty easy to make. I was curious how the end grain was going to react on this piece. It did fine; keep the tools very sharp! Made of Aspen and Hedge. Finished with super glue and buffed. Thanks for looking.
  11. Natural Edge Flamed Box Elder Burl Vessel

    This is a piece of flamed Box Elder burl I just finished. This burl was harvested just west of Denver and has more flame then any other burl I have ever seen. The vessel is 10" x 6" finished with wipe on poly and buffed with wax. All comments and questions welcome.
  12. Caldera

    An ant eaten, hollow form of Maple (7" x 3.5"). Finished with wipe on poly.
  13. Avocado Vessel

    Here is another Avocado vessel I turned from a piece of firewood. Finish is BLO and Friction Polish.
  14. Redwood Burl Hollow Form Vessel

    Redwood burl vessel 5 1/2×3. 1/4 thick walls. Finished with tung oil and buffed. All comments and questions welcome.
  15. Segmented project

    10" x 7" Zebrawood with a cottonwood feature ring. The finish is wipe on poly. Comments welcome
  16. NOT for the firepit!

    Florida Rosewood vessel 8" H x 5 1/2" D I was fortunate in finding some Rosewood blanks at my local Woodcraft store. They acquired a supply of various kinds of wood from an older gentleman whose health and age did not permit him to do woodworking anymore. I picked 3 blanks to go home with me...
  17. Small Segmented Bowl

    This is a small segmented bowl is made out of bloodwood with a finial made from wenge. The dimensions are five inches tall by five inches wide. The finish is polished water varnish.
  18. Vase for a Cause

    This is the second large segmented vase I have built and donated to the local Community Crisis Centre auction, where it sold for $2900! As some of you may recall, I built a vase of a similar shape, but a slightly different segmented pattern, last year for this same auction. That vase sold for...
  19. Natural Edge Russian Olive Burl Vessel

    Natural edge Russian Olive Burl Vessel 9"x6 1/2" finished with wipe on poly.
  20. Spalted Tamarind Lidded Vessel

    I can see why hollow forms are so addictive. I really enjoyed this one. I think I will be doing more pieces along these lines going forward. If I had it to do again, I would have added some darker accents around the base of the piece or something like that. I guess there's no end to what we...
1-20 of 99 Results