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  1. Corner Computer Desk

    This was the first project I built after getting my Steel City tablesaw. It is made from damaged Birch plywood from this discount bin, but being a corner desk I was able to cut around the damaged corner saved big. I just used pine for the trim, and finished with 3 coats Minwax gloss polyurethane.
  2. Norm's Adirondack Chairs

    I spend a little time every summer up in Maine and have been meaning to make some of these for while. I liked the painted look better and it allowed me to save money on the wood. Both based on the classic NYW design. My dog even helped to make them by keeping a small corner of my shop floor...
  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Thought you guys would be interested in this- We were in Venice in May & noticed this shop while walking. The shop was on a fairly busy commercial street (small stores). Guy had the front door open, but for ventilation, not chatting with tourists! He ignored me taking the photo (probably...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    I was in Venice last week and got to visit a "Squero", the boat shed where they build Gondolas. I put together this slideshow to share. What I found really cool is that since the gondolier rows only from the right side, the boat has to be built asymmetrical so that it wants to turn to the right...
1-4 of 4 Results