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  1. Albuquerque

    Just playing around with aniline dyes and tried to capture a Southwest sunset. The results didn't match my intentions. However, you never know until you try something. This hollow form was turned from end grain, fiddle back ash. It measures 6.75 inches by 3.5 inches. It is finished with aniline...
  2. Large Turned Vase (Magnolia)

    This is my latested woodturning project. It started with a log that was 18" by 14" and I was curious if I could mount it between centers on my lathe. Once that was done, I then asked - now what? I had a new hollowing tool (munro 2) and decided to give it a try… This ended up being about 17"...
  3. Tragedy somewhat averted vase

    This is a piece of 300 year old redwood that I was given by a friend of mine recently. after hollowing the redwood and fitting the top piece of ebony, I planned to delicately finish the hollowing around the rim when WHAM …er, guess that wasn't so delicate after all! Much loud yelling and...
  4. Segmented vase

    This is a segmented vase featured in Ray Allen's book which gives complete instructions on how to do it. It is made of maple, walnut and yellowheart, 11"D x 9"H. This vase requires alot of disc sander work.
  5. Parabolic Mesquite Vase

    I made this vase to give to the couple that let me mill a mesquite tree on their ranch a couple of years ago. I used a stacked ring lamination to make this vase with a parabolic shape 14 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter. This was the tallest piece I've ever turned and I made a steady...
  6. bud vase

    Here is a bud vase I made from reclaimed wood. It looks like cherry but I'm not sure. It stands 7" tall and has a 6" glass test tube to hold the flowers. I finished it with several coats of wipe on poly using 0000 steel wool between coats.
  7. Turned Vase

    From a scrap of old walnut and maple cutting board, I just had to try one of these. Saw somebody posted them here and liked the idea. After turning, I cut it on two sides with the band saw. Oil finished. Glass insert is a cigar tube. I happened to find bags of them at an estate sale a while...
  8. Chestnut hollow vase

    Hollowed vase, 10 inch diameter. I used to live in the wonderful town of Gmunden Austria. The city gardner gave me about 20 chestnut burls a few years back when they trimmed the trees on the promenade by the lake. I have been working my way through the pile. Hollowed out to about 3/8"...
  9. Debbie

    This hollow form is turned from end grain walnut. It measures approximately 6 inches tall by 7 inches wide. It is finished with aniline dye, wipe-on poly and tinted liming wax. All comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated. Ms. Debbie P, I remember you getting harassed for painting a...
  10. Small vase from juniper

    We had a juniper tree die so I sliced the trunk and used some of it to make small vase.
  11. 2x4 Planter Stand and Planters

    Ever have one of those projects where nothing seems to go right. It seems like a good idea and the vision in your head is great but it just doesn't turn out the way you envisioned. Because of the limit to a 2×4 it was necessary to make the staves for the planters 5/8" x 3/4" and I needed 30 of...
  12. I think I might be stuck on these for a while...

    I have been having a lot of fun with these turnings/carvings lately. The first vase is maple and bloodwood, the other two are maple, oak, walnut and cherry. They are finished with wipe on poly. I think next is to try it with a segmented turning. Should be fun, if it doesn't explode in my...
  13. TWINS

    Bubinga, Santos Rosewood, Zebra. Jarrah, Wenge, Icewood streaks. H - small 4 1/8 in (104 mm), big 8 1/8 in (207 mm) D max - small 5 1/2 in (140 mm), big 10 5/8 in (271 mm) wall thickness 3/8 in (15 mm) .............heavy ;0). Coat with oil & wax
  14. A rustic bud vase of found wood

    A rustic bud vase of found wood.
  15. Curly Narra Vase

    This vase was a Christmas present for one of my in-laws; It is approx. 14" tall. I found the Narra to be particularly tough when hollowing. It is a dense wood and did not slice so much as remove small chips and felt more like I was trying to cut concrete. I finished this vase with spray...
  16. American Elm Small Bowl and Vase

    I was getting some turning practice with a couple of pieces of American Elm I had stashed away, and these are the results. I just wiped a 2nd coat of BLO on them before taking the photo… not sure what the final finish will be.
  17. A Bud Vase

    Hardboard bottom, painted black lacquer. Spalted poplar base, walnut uprights and retainers. Ebony died walnut for the clips. Glass bud vases with river rock. Three coats of General Finishes High Performance poly. A fun little project with more to follow for sure. Thanks for looking.
  18. yPod

    This hollow form vessel is turned from fiddle back maple. It is finished with aniline dyes and wipe-on poly. It measures approximately 6 inches by 4.75 inches. All comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated.
  19. Nasty Vase

    This is a piece of wood given to me by a friend at work. It was fire wood. I kind of think it should have stayed fire wood. hahaha Most of you know, I work with some UGLY wood. I like a challenge and the character that comes from holey knotty wormy wood. This is the driest, most cracked...
  20. Small vase of myrtlewood

    A small 6" tall myrtlewood vase.
481-500 of 500 Results