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  1. Rocking Horse for baby

    My lovely niece had a baby in December. She wanted a baby sized rocking horse for the baby's room - functional and decorative. I searched Google Images for a design I liked then changed the dimensions to suit my needs. I liked this design because of the high back and arm rails to keep our...
  2. Curved Jewelry Cabinet

    This started out with a badly warped piece of plywood left over from a remodel. I decided to use it as is after failing to straighten it out.The ply formed the top bottom and both sides. The I made the door to fit the curves. The exterior and the door panels are white washed and varnished, the...
  3. Lodge Style Jewelry Cabinet

    Jewelry cabinet in rustic lodge style. Woods used are: pine, radiata pine, oak, mahogany, birch ply, barn wood, juniper limb(pull). Drawers bottoms are lined with dark green felt. Nice feature is mirror on the back of the door. Finishes: acrylic paint, stain, water based polyurethane. Wall hung...
  4. Segmented Sydewynder

    Segmented Sydewynder 14.5in.21.5in.5in. MEDIUM: WILLOW, WALNUT, OAK, POPLAR, CHERRY, BEECH, QUARTZ ORIGINAL: 600 USD
  5. Game Board Reproduction

    A little fun in the shop reproducing a game board my cousin brought over one night to play after dinner. I had not seen this game before but had a great time playing it. The horses are numbered 2 through 12 to correspond with the dots on the pair of dice used in the game. 7 is in the middle...
  6. Pseudobook Bookends

    Made this out of some scrap oak, walnut, mahogany, and cherry. Various woods used for inlay. Of course, once the family saw it, had to make a few more. Fun little project. Finished with a couple of coats of poly and hand rubbed wax. If you build these and they slide on the surface you place...
  7. Christmas Ornaments

    Here is a sampple of what I've started giving away for Christmas presents the last few of years. The balls are hollow and they weigh very little. I just use scraps to make them. Glue up a few bits, turn them, hollow them out with hand made tools and use discarded pen blanks for the pointy parts...
  8. Simple wooden squares

    After seeing the recent post on wooden squares, I decided to make some simple ones. These work well for inside checking but not for outside checking. The one piece is actually a cube and will work in all directions.( I may need to back off on the drugs as they may be altering my perception.)
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    For the past couple of days I've been poking around the internet looking for a website that shows both tree identification and the look of the lumber inside the tree. I've been able to find several sites that have a very nice collection of one, or the other, but not both. I don't need...
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I have lots of Birdseye Maple to give away you pay the postage. I am pretty well done in woodworking and close to the end of my rope going down fast. This maybe my last post.
1-10 of 10 Results