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  1. The Konung, hnefatafl

    Gradually implement my old idea of creating a set of Hnefatafl (Viking chess). Cut 25 pieces of wood is exhausting, so you have to cheat. Made silicone molds and cast figurines of plasticrete. Will soon be able to boast of the end result
  2. Ulfhednar

    The legendary warrior of the North, the wolf man - ulfhednar. Made from hazel. As the option is part of a set of chess Hnefatafl
  3. The wooden figure of slavic prince

    The second attempt to make a figure of Prince Rogvolod-the legendary ruler of Polotsk Principality. Viking invited to rule. Lived a hundred years after Ragnar Lothbrok. Material - basswood, danish oil golden oak, wax
  4. Wooden figurines of vikings and Gods

    A good Sunny day is a great opportunity to arrange a photo shoot for my little Viking army. A total of 14 figurines: 3 mini sets. It took about two months. Linden and cedar material. Danish oil, wax. Immediately say something chess will not do)
1-4 of 4 Results