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  1. Wood Cellphone Case

    A while ago I decided it was time to stop scratching my phone and because I couldnt find a cover for my cellphone model I decided to make one. Its made of plywood wheets glued together with superglue and a black leather fabric inside to soft thinghs up. Theres the project video Hope you guys...
  2. Bird Feeder

    There s alot of birds in my area and once in a while, during the morning I usualy see a few in my backyard looking for food, while the cat's asleep. I wanted to atract some more to cheer up my morning and have a better view while I take my breakfast, so I decided to make a bird feeder. I didnt...
  3. Wood Square

    Today I decided to make a diferent wood square, this way I can use diferent angles when woodworking. I made a few holes to be easier to grab that can also be used for marking. In the end I gave it a mahogany finish. Project Video:
1-3 of 3 Results