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  1. Walnut and Maple box

    Walnut and Maple dresser valet I made as a Christmas present. The is the second box I've made, so it has a few flaws. The small feet are walnut, the box is maple, the splines are walnut, the lid is walnut and maple, the handle is a small piece of walnut I picked up off the floor. The spline jig...
  2. Sculpted Watch & Valet Box - Take Some Risks

    So make a box, make a really really good box. Use the best woods you can find, exotic woods, expensive woods. It will take every scrap of the boards you bought to make the box. No mistakes. If you screw up a cut you will not be able to find another board that will match and you can not sell...
  3. Mens Valet

    From an older plan out of a Wood magazine from 2005, with a few "tweeks" of my own. It's about 15"x12"x6". Built from 30+ year old Walnut, and finished with 4 coats of Minwax water based poly. Adorned with a 12 gauge shotshell as the drawer pull. and some nicely tooled leather top and drawer...
  4. First two valets

    These are the last two projects I have been able to complete, and the first two I have posted here. Used some plans from Wood Magazine. The Light one was the first, and I enjoyed the project so much decided to do a second. I plan to give the second (dark) one to my Granddad this weekend when...
  5. 4 Watch Box with Drawer in Sapele

    Another take on my Valet Watch Box. This one has a drawer added to the bottom. Valet designed to hold 4 watches on black pillows with black felt in the bottom. Wood is Sapele. The finish is multiple coats of hand applied lacquer. Outside dimensions are 15 1/2" L x 9 "W x 6 5/8" "D.
  6. Mox (man-box)

    Or I guess you could call it a "valet", but isn't that French? I think we need an English term for this kind of thing. A man needs a place to put his things and it sure isn't going to be called a jewellery box! Anyway, this is my first box. I made several mistakes and learned a lot and have...
  7. Mens Valet

    I found this idea from LJ's Roger in Kentucky who found it in the May 2005 Wood magazine. Look his up, as he did a cool job. Anyway, I put in the favorites for another day. Early in December my 16 year old was looking for a project as a Christmas gift and this fit the bill. This is his build...
  8. Sapele 4 Watch Valet Box

    Valet designed to hold 4 watches on black pillows with black felt in the bottom. Wood is Sapele. The finish is multiple coats of hand applied lacquer. Outside dimensions are 15" L x 9 "W x 5 3/8" "D.
  9. Mens Valet bandsaw Tray, Spalted hackberry and Alder (Dads Birthday gift)

    After my dad seeing my latest two valet boxes he requested this one without drawers just a tray for his up coming 80th birthday to drop things in, this three tray design, I made out of Spalted hackberry and Alder, it measures 12" x 2" x 6" the two outer trays are 1/2" deeper then the center tray.
  10. Mens Valets

    These 2013 Christmas gifts will be on their way to their receivers real soon. OK, yup, this Santa is waaaaay late… (still workin on a few things I don't wanna post till they're finished). Musta spent too much time in the hammock… Anyhoo, these are made from some left-over cut-offs and some...
  11. Bocote Valet Box

    This was my first attempt at building a valet. I used bookmatched bocote for the project and MDF for the curved center section. Brass rods hold the doors and allow them to pivot freely (after a little opening and closing). I finished it with General Finishes' Oil and Urethane mix. The finish...
  12. Charging Station/Valet

    Built this charging station/valet for my nephew. It is designed to hold and charge an iPad and phone, as well as providing storage for wallet, keys, etc. It is built from 1/2" birch ply, and the iPad and iPhone holders were cut from pine. It has been a big hit with my nephew. Thanks for looking!
  13. valet

    Valet with box made as graduation gift. 11 inch x 18 inch. Made from walnut, curly maple and purple heart. Lap joint corners secured w/ 1/4 inch cut brass dowels. Brass plaque on inside w/ name, class and school. Thanks for looking!
  14. Raised Red Cedar Valet Tray ( Live Edge )

    Carved out this tray this morning, very relaxing. I had envisioned 4 straight little round legs to lift it but after trying 3 different lengths I still couldn't make them work so I took a walk and looked for some curved branches. I found one with a nice fair curve, sanded it and epoxied it in...
  15. Valet Gentleman's Stand

    Valet Gentleman's Stand This is my approach to this Valet Stand Project that I design for my personal needs. It's a double valet stand with an extra feature hanger for drop trouser hanging mechanism, a small shelf and some shoe rest. The two Λ shape hangers are sitting on aluminum dowels and...
  16. End-Grain Bandsaw Valet

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed an end-grain cutting board with a bandsaw box? Well I did, and this end-grain bandsaw valet was the result. I had a lot of scrap wood lying around in buckets, some of it exotics and others domestic hardwoods. I wasn't sure what to do...
  17. Mens Valet bandsaw bow, Zebra and Walnut.

    Another mens valet box, I made this bandsaw box using Zebra and Walnut it has two large drawers with seperated trays on top. Measurement are 12" W x 3" H x 6 3/4 D
  18. Men's Valet

    A simple valet for my father's birthday. Made from Spalted Maple and Bubuinga. This was my first attempt at half blind dovetials. They were a lot of fun to make,, but I have some practicing ahead of me. The maple was picked up on CL for pennies (what I told my wife anyway). There is nothing...
  19. Cell Phone Valet

    Cell phone valets are handy in keeping things organized. I made a few of these in plywood and painted them but then I came across some Mansonia (walnut like wood on sale) so I made one with 'real' wood. I put a base coat of BLO then about 6 coats of shellac.
  20. Maple Dresser Box

    This was the latest project I made for myself. It is a dresser or valet box made of maple This was my first project with drawers, and I am quite pleased with it dimensions are 12×6x3.5 finished with 2 coats of mineral oil. as you can see it can hold my EDC and some other things Thanks for...
1-20 of 96 Results