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  1. Christmas Boxes 2009

    Bandsaw jewelry boxes and valet boxes I made for Christmas 2009. All black walnut with a poly finish.
  2. Valet boxes

    Valet boxes I made for the guys in the family this year. Had a hard time coming up with something for the guys that would be usful and not just a dust collector. Many thanks to the multiple lumber jocks that I ripped this design off from. All from black walnut with 6 coats of minwax poly.
  3. Finishing
    Just finished a project and have all the parts ready for assemble. I found out one of my panels out of 1/8th birch ply warped a little. It has 3 coats of poly on it and would be glued to an untreated surface. Can I use titebond II on this to hold it down? Will titebond work on a polyurethane...
1-3 of 3 Results