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  1. Scrollsaw Valentine Bowl

    I wanted to make something different for my wife this year on V. day. She always complains if I spend too much on flowers. I was inspired by some of the awesome projects on LJ. And Steve Good's patterns. It's made from 3/4" hard maple and canary glued up. I set the saw table to 2 degrees...
  2. Another little bowl my wife claimed, cherry wood!

    I actually made this one specifically for my wife knowing she would take it anyway. This is gift #5 in our tradition of 14 days of Valentine's. What do you think?
  3. Valentine Present

    I recently made myself a 45 degree miter sled after reading a Fine Woodworking article about box making. I made a small box to test out the sled. It was so nice that I didn't want to throw it away, so I started pondering what I could do with it. It was close to Valentines day so I came up with...
  4. You and Me

    Lamp for night, it illustrates deep love. Seen from a particular position it shows how two different halves of heart merge and form one single heart. White-hot light by positioning lights inside reflects ambient light. It is suitable for use as a night lamp. The original lamp is an ideal gift...
  5. Valentines Day Birdhouse

    I made it, Brit (my g/f) painted it!
  6. V-Day Birdhome

    I made it, Brit painted it.
  7. Valentines Purple Heart necklace wall hanger

    Happy Valentine's Day. Here is my latest project. Recently my wife went with me to the lumber store and fell in love with Purple Heart wood. Ah-ha…. So I returned the next day and purchased a plank with the intention to make her something. What, I was not sure yet. Some ideas were a jewelry...
  8. Magic Arrow

    so i saw this project here on LJs (forgot by whom) and just had to try! its pretty rough looking…but it was a great valentines day present. Plus it was pretty fun to make…theres only one small crack on the tip of the arrow from drying. made with Cedar for the arrow and a scrap piece of birch...
  9. Valentine Craft

    Hey LJ's, Thought I would share my Valentine's Day Craft I made for the misses. It's nothing too extravagant but it was definitely fun to make. As you can see I hollowed out a clear light bulb and formed red copper wires into heart shapes and placed them into the bulb and mounted the whole...
  10. Valentine Gift Box

    Here's another Valentine's Day gift I gave. It's a real cheap and simple delivery box for some salon style shampoo and conditioner I purchased for the wife for Valentine's Day. As you can see… it's just some strips of plywood I glued together and painted to create a crate style gift box to house...
1-11 of 11 Results