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  1. "Flying V" Electric Guitar

    FLYING "V" This Flying "V" style guitar body was constructed using reclaimed solid barn oak. The electronic cover on the back is solid walnut wood.
  2. book shelf

    Pair of bookshelves for a customer.
  3. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    Hey, Guys. I just bought a used Delta 50 - 850 roll around dust collector. LAST NIGHT. I got it to the shop this morning, immediately connected it up to my planer and went to work. After operating for less than two hours, smoke was pouring from the power switch. I immediately shut down the...
  4. Blogs
    Single-bore mortises As I'm preparing to cut various joints for a project, I'll go through my copy of The Woodworker from Lost Art Press to refresh myself on how to do the joint in question. In this case, mortise and tenons. One included article, a reader submission, suggests a more efficient...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Finishing up the school year quick--24 days! And spending my free time building a picnic table and watching a lot of woodworking videos. In one of the video series I have borrowed from the library the hosts use a machine by "Shop Smith" called the "Mark V". It has a table saw, lathe, drill...
1-5 of 5 Results