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  1. Assorted Christmas Gifts

    Nearly all Christmas gifts I gave this year were homemade. The box (last picture) I did not make, it is from a craft store - I engraved the lid and my wife did the paint infill. I almost had a hard time giving up the oak mallets - they are so much nicer than the first one I made, which is the...
  2. Corian V-carved Trivet

    This is a quick trivet that I made using V-carving and some solid surface material as a gift for a friend with a new puppy. Carving was enhanced with white paint and then flattened using a random orbit sander.
  3. V-Carve sign

    I made a sign for a friends camper. I used a laminated pine board from Lowes. The project was cut on my CNC router and used Vectric Aspire software for the design. The wood was masked, cut and shellacked. Then color was sprayed on. This was my first sign.
  4. Watercolour + V-Carving

    This is my first posting here at LJ, so I hope I'm doing this right… The main thing that I've been doing with wood (lately) has been a hybrid of wood carving and watercolour painting. I start out by covering the piece of (otherwise scrap) wood with something to seal it - I use whatever random...
  5. Blogs
    Honey-do sign test #1 Last year I purchased a CNC machine for our school, but didn't really get passed some basic stuff with the stock files that came with it. I recently decided that I wanted the kids to get more exposure with it, but I first had to teach myself. I gotta tell ya, some people...
1-5 of 5 Results