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  1. Ford Pickup 1951

    Here are a few photos of my just finished latest project I used T&J plan. I now need to make up the mind what to try next I have now built a model from each of the plan sets I purchased I would like to do a tow truck or fire truck but I want to make much more finer detail than the older T&J...
  2. Is it an Aussie Ute or an American Pickup?

    Is it an Aussie Ute or an American Pickup? The local shop asked me for a few more toys, specially a UTE, well that's what we call "pickup's" downunder. About 8" [200mm[ long by 4.5" [120mm] wide made from offcuts and reclaimed timber. Good strong playable toy with enough detail to be...
  3. Ford HotRod C-Cab Ute/Pickup

    Ford HotRod C-Cab Ute/Pickup I was given an offcut from a Blackwood slab by Liam of Goat Works after he saw my SuperTee Fund Raiser HotRod which at first glance looked ordinary BUT wow after I machined and sanded it WOW, the figure and grain was gorgeous. I sent a photo to Liam saying it's way...
  4. Simple Rocker (Scott Morrison Design)

    I have a little one on the way, so we needed a rocker. This is my first attempt at building anything of this nature, so I started with Scott Morrison's simple rocker design templates and DVD. The chair is made from 8/4 walnut bent lamination rockers and back splats. I used the Sam Maloof...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Yep, it is time to sell the shop ute… I need something with a little more room inside… it is great for around town but on any trip longer than half an hour it is a little short in leg space…. for me at least… I am, after all, over 6'4" Have a look at the ad here
1-5 of 5 Results